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  Karim Tinchurin

  Karim Tinchurin
  Talented playwright, director-innovator, honoured worker of Tatarstan republic, educationalist and public figure.
  K.Tinchurin was born on September 15, 1887 in the family of a peasant, in the village of Tarakanovo (now Akkul) of Penza province. At teen age he worked as a washdisher, then studied in the famous Tatar madrasah "Muhammadia". But Karim wasn't satisfied with the education process there, and in February of 1906 he left the madrasah with other 82 pupils. After that he spent years wandering over Russian provinces, teaching at rural schools. During these years he obtained a rich life experience, it was a good school for the future playwright. He met plenty of interesting people, studied some bright people fates, had a number of curious talks, all these gave him precious material for future plays.
  In 1910 K.Tinchurin got into the first professional troupe "Sayar", where he became an actor, playwright, one of leading directors. In the first years he wrote such plays as: "Honest labour" (1912), "Fatal Step" (1913) and others.
  Karim was a playwright-innovator. He redistributed the social notional centres of dramatic conflict. He concentrated on the study of complex and contradictory phenomenon of the world of forming personality.
  In 1918 K.Tinchurin worked in Moscow, in the Central Muslim Military Collegium, where he was in chief of culture department, then he worked in one of front troupes.
  In November of 1922, Karim founded the Tatar Academic Theatre n.a. G.Kamal in Kazan. Together with K.Tinchurin the whole range of brilliant actors began to work in this theatre: B.Tarkhanov, K.Shamil, G.Bolgarskaya and others.
  K.Tinchurin wrote more than 30 plays during his short creative life. Some of them: "Kazan Guys", "American", "Motherland" are in the gold fund of the national drama and theatre. His immortal works "Blue Shawl" and "Without Sails" are among the classic works of Russian multinational and world theatric art.
  K.Tinchurin was subject to repression at that dark and awful time in 30s of XX century. He was condemned "enemy of nation" and shot without trial or investigation on November 14, 1938.
  K.Tinchurin was rehabilitated on October 14, 1955. His plays were begun to be performed again.

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