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  Vakhitov Mullanur

  Mullanur MullazyanovichA Tatar revolutionist, hero of the Civil war, publicist. M. Vakhitov was born on August 10, 1885 in the family of a trade firm worker in Kazan. In 1899 he entered Kazan secondary school teaching no classics, which was managed by Social Democrats; participated in revolutionary events in 1905-1906 in Kazan. In 1906 he became a member of a group studying Marxists' literature. In 1907 Vakhitov entered economical department of Petersburg Polytechnic Institute. Since 1912 he was a student of law department of Petersburg Psychoneurological Institute; organized literature-studying group (1912-1913) for Muslim students. In April 1917 actively participated in organizing Muslim socialistic committee (MSK) in Kazan, which worked under influence of the Kazan Communist Party committee's of ideas; he was an editor of the newspaper 'Kyzyl bairak'('Red banner'). In October 1917 became a member of Kazan VRK. In January 1918 M. Vakhitov was appointed commissar of Central Muslim commissariat of Narcomnats(People's committee on National matter) and a chairman of Central Military collegium attached to People's Committee of Military and Navy affairs. In August 1918 he fought as a hero , defending Kazan from the White. Was chased by the White Guard and hanged. What made young man from well-off family, brilliantly educated, reading French enlightenments with great interest, being keen on works of Indian and Arabic philosophers, studying 'Slovo o Polku Igoreve', adoring theatre, engage himself into revolutionary activity? Was it concern about common people, whose image (far from real) took shape among many Russian and Tatar intelligentsia? Or was it studying in St. Petersburg filled with revolutionary ideas, where Vakhitov was a student of Polytechnic, then of Psychoneurological Institutes, which were called not less but 'niduses of revolution'? Academician Bekhterev himself took him in the latter institute. Vakhitov studied there at the same time as Frunze, Gamarnik, Larisa Reisner and other famous in future revolutionists. The most probable thing that all these played its role. However, till the last hour of his life Vakhitov was fascinated by Revolution and his last words were: 'Communism can't be killed!' However, Vakhitov had never become a member of Communist Party, but he closely collaborated with it.

The Peter and Paul Cathedral
The Peter and Paul Cathedral
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