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Yakushenko Nikolay 11/29/1897
Since 1935 he was in the trouppe of the Kazan Big Dramatic Theatre n.a. V.I.Kachalov. His best performances: Chichikov ("Dead Souls" of Gogol), Siply (Optimistic Tragedy" of Vishnevsky), Fayunin ("Invasion" of Leonov), Tartuf ("Tartuf" of Molier), Kabir Galimullin ("Mullanur Vakhitov" of Isanbet).
Abzhalilov Khalil
From autumn of 1928 till March of 1963 he was artist of the Tatar Academical Theatre n.a. G.Kamal. He played hundreds of roles here. The honoured artist of TASSR (1939), national artist of TASSR (1944), honoured artist of RSFSR (1940), national artist of RSFSR (1950).
Elena Zhilina 04/27/1890
Famous comedienne - her life belonged to the theatre. The theatre was a family, home, happiness and grief for her.
Karim Tinchurin 09/15/1887
Talented playwright, director-innovator, honoured worker of Tatarstan republic, educationalist and public figure.
Schepkin Mikhail 11/06/1788
The founder of realism in the Russian stage art, reformator of the Russian theatre.
Galiaskar Kamal
The founder of Tatar dramatic art. G.Kamal is one of the initiators of artistic translations of Russian writers into the Tatar language.
Vasily Kachalov 02/11/1875
The Kazan Bolshoy Dramatic Theatre carries the name of the great artist. On the house where Kachalov lived there is a memorial board.

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