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Gerasimenko Alexander
In 1999 the first personal exhibition of Alexander Gerasimenko took place at the Council of people's deputies of the RT.
Shlyapkin Andrey
Since 1998 he has been working in the creative painting studio of the State Russian Academy of Art in Kazan under the leadership of Kh. A. Yakupov.
Busyghin Alexander
A professional artist. A participant of republic, all-Union exhibitions since 1978 ('Big Volga', 'Avant-gardes in Kazan', 'Nu', 'Russia-9' etc.)
Faizullin Ilias
Faizullin Ilias attended classes on drawing at the I.E. Repin's institute of painting, sculpture and architecture (St.Petersburg).
Volkov Eduard
Volkov Eduard Viktorovich is a artist working in the style of marketry.
Malikov Vasil
Considerable qualitative leap of development of Tatar easel and monumental sculpture, which took place in 1960s, to a great extent was connected with V.M. Malikov's creative activity.
Tumashev Anas
Anas Ibragimovich Tumashev is one of the leading masters of the Tatar theatre and decoration painting. Famous landscape painter, master of historical painting, teacher.
Titova Elena
Elena Titova's genres are landscape, anecdotal painting, still life. But the main theme of her creativity is the urban landscape.
Gilazov Rashid
Gilazov Rashid is a painter, but he is also engaged with monumental-decorative art: mural painting, stained-glass windows, mosaics in the Houses of Culture of Tatarstan, decoration mosque interiors.
Shmeleva Elena
Original artist Elena Nikolayevna Shmeleva 'draws' with fur. Most of her works become the property of the joint-stock company 'Melita', where Elena Nikolayevna woks as a designer-constructor.
Cherkasova Olga
Since 1992 Olga Cherkasova has worked in the genre of leather plastic arts, her works have been exhibited since 1996.
Piskarev Vladimir
Vladimir Peskarev studied in the Cheboksary institute, the faculty of art and graphic
Kochunov Vladimir
After finishing the Moscow Institute of Aviation, Kochunov worked as a production engineer at the Kazan Aviation plant, spent all his free time painting, and soon became a professional artist.
Shadrin Alexander
Alexander Shadrin studied in the Izhevsk State University, the faculty of fine art.
Abzgildin Abrek
Abzgildin Abrek Amirovich - People's artist of the Republic of Tatarstan. Laureate of G. Tukai's Government Prize. The chair-man of Artists' Union of Tatarstan. A member of Artists' Union of the USSR.

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