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The date of the group Strafe foundation is considered to be February 15, 2002. But, as a matter of fact, guys have begun to gather and rehearse since 1999...
The group Plutonium was founded in autumn, 1999, when musicians of the band (Oleg Burilov - guitar, vocal, Sergey Kargin - bass-guitar, Nikolay Pihtovnikov - keyboard, Alexander Romitsin - drums) invited Mash Kulagina (ex -"Indrunk") as a second lead-vocal.
Ones upon a time there lived two different groups 'Glaucoma' and 'Arachnophobia' on the Kazan stage..
History of the group "Desperate" began in autumn of 1997, on the flotsome of grange-trash group "Jolly Roger".
The date of the group "Reserve" birth is hard to be defined. Its foundation was laid in 1997 when Michael Lyulinsky, well-known in Kazan jazz-lover, offered to create jazz band to four students of physical faculty of the State University.
`The House of Dolls`
The group 'The House of Dolls ' was formed in autumn 1997 inside the walls of the SPK 'Zarechiye' by five musicians: Dmitry Sychev (vocal, an acoustic guitar), Arseny Sychov (bass - guitar), Sergey Darenskih (percussions), Vladislav Alekseev(rhythm-guitar) and Edward Mindubaev (solo-guitar).
The history of the group began in 1997 when two people, Alexander Romitsin, the drummer in Kazan group "Ulenspiegel" and the guitarist Gubaidullin Anton from the group "Stagecoach ", decided to create the new collective which subsequently received the name "Waltzing".
Officially the group's year of birth is accepted as 1993. Before that there were some duet under the name '51/46', consisting of Marat Proshking and Eugey Storozhev. '51/46' became the base for the future 'Tram'.
Leaves of Grass.
Leaves of Grass - one of the most successful Kazan bands.
7 B
In the autumn of 1986 in Kazan the twin-brothers Alexander and Yury Sladkovs (07/11/1966), who played in the band 'Sign', recorded their first album 'I don't want to be a soldier'...

The building of Chemical department of The Kazan State University
The building of Chemical department of The Kazan State University
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