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  The `Druzhba` cinema

  Everybody in Kazan has known the 'Druzhba' cinema well for a long time.
  Today it is repaired with the great care and equipped with the most modern technical equipment. The cinema halls are supplied with comfortable chairs, which are made for you to spend some hours of leisure.
  A cozy bar will serve you with drinks and snacks. The two cinema halls - blue and pink - are at your service.
  All demonstrated films are originals! The 'Druzhba' cinema is the only place in Kazan, where all the films offered to your attention are exclusively of the high quality and of current repertoire. The first demonstration of new films often takes place on the same day as in the USA and Europe.
  The 'Druzhba' cinema is a unique enterprise of the American type in Kazan, which works in the absolutely same way as its analogues in the USA, including the first class specially trained staff, well equipped cinema halls with the most modern multi-functional stereo system, which allows to reproduce the 'Dolby'-effect, surround sound in digital format DTS and all the other optical analogous formats.
  Constantly working cinema-bar with wide range of drinks, foreign beer of the highest quality, typical American candies, coffee and tea of different sorts, and popcorn. All those snacks are allowed be eaten not only in the comfortable foyer, but also in the very cinema hall. On the days of special presentations and premieres there are free food and souvenirs for the public. There is always a place for your car at the guarded car park. Maximum comfort, absolute security, polite attendants, American effectiveness together with strict observing the Russian and international law, concerning movie distribution are the distinguished features of the cinema theatre.
  Address: 13 Sibirsky trakt.

Aleksandrovsky Passage
Aleksandrovsky Passage
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