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  Kazan culture

  Kazan is one of the biggest cultural and educational centers of Volga region. Two different cultures are mixed here - Eastern and Western, two great religions - Christianity and Islam -peacefully coexist. This unusual cultural background is reflected in architecture of the city where one can find churches and mosques situated not far from each other, old houses of rich Tatar merchants built in the beginning of the 20th century, and mansions in European style. And of course, you cannot but mention the Kazan Kremlin and Kul-Sharif Mosque.
  There are a number of universities, institutes among which there are several well known not only in the republic cultural educational establishments. These are The I.V. Auhadeyev`s Kazan Music School, Choreography School, The Kazan art school, The Kazan State N. Zhiganov`s Conservatory, The Kazan Theatre School, The Republic Tatar Music School, The Specialized Secondary Music School-lyceum, The State Academy of Culture and Arts. Graduates of these establishments work in many cities of Russia as well as abroad. The artists of the Government Symphonic Orchestra of Tatarstan Philharmonic Society, opera company and the orchestra of the M. Jalil's Opera and Ballet theatre, the Government orchestra of folk instruments and of other collectives of national republics of the Volga region are the graduates of the Kazan conservatory. Among the Conservatory graduates there are such famous names as Sophia Gubaidullina, Oleg Lundstrem, Rubin Abdullin, Eugeny Mikhailov and others.
  Museums play an important role in cultural life of our city. Kazan is the ancient city of almost a thousand-year history. The items connected with the history of Tatarstan are displayed in The National Museum of RT. There is also a collection of treasures of Tatarstan preserved and exhibited. A lot of prominent people lived and worked in Kazan and there are museums established in their memory. These are B. Urmanche`s Museum, Gabdulla Tukay`s Museum, M.Dzhalil`s Museum-apartment, Salikh Saydashev`s Museum, Sh. Kamal`s Museum-apartment, and others.
  People of Kazan are also keen theatre lovers. Kazan State Opera And Ballet Theatre, Kachalov's Drama Theatre, Kamal's Tatar Academic Theatre, Young People's Theatre are the most popular among them, and the list is not full.
  A great number of cultural events take place in Kazan. These are Art exhibitions, concerts, theatre and musical festivals; some of them are held on the regular basis. The most popular and famous are the Annual Shalyapin's Opera festival held in February and Annual Nureyev's Festival of Classic Ballet held in May. Best singers and dancers from different Russian and foreign theatres take part in the festivals. All the tickets to the performances of the festivals are rapidly sold out on the first day.
  Apart from the home theatre and music performances, Kazan people always have a chance to see touring troupes from the famous theatres of Moscow and St. Petersburg, as well as from other cities of Russia, or to go to a music concert of any genre from classical to rock music.
  In general, one may say that Kazan is the city of considerable cultural prominence not only for Tatarstan but also for whole Russia.

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