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Gilm Kamay
Gilm Khairevich Kamay was born on February 23, 1901 in the town of Tetyushi of the Kazan province in family of a Volga loader. He was a self-educated person with the help of loaders - reading names of steamships. In 1916 he entered the tatar teacher's school in Kazan.
Alexander Arbuzov
Arbuzov Alexander Erminingeldovich was born on October 12, 1877 - academician, founder of the Kazan chemical school of phosphororganics - one of the leading world centres in this area. He was a follower of A.M.Zaitsev. He graduated from the Kazan university in 1900, since 1901 - the assistant, and since 1906 - the professor of the institute of agriculture and forestry in the city of Novo-Alexandria (Poland).
Alexander Butlerov
Alexander Butlerov was born in 1828 in Butlerovka - a small small village nearby to Kazan where there was a manor of his father. He entered the First Kazan grammar school. After the finishing of grammar school he entered the natural-science branch of the Kazan university.
Nikolay Zinin
Nikolay Nikolaevich Zinin was born in Shusha on August 3, 1812. He studied in the Saratov grammar school. In 1830 he entered the Kazan university. After the graduation Zinin was sent on business abroad where he mastered sciences in laboratories of well-known scientists - Libich and Faradei.
Carl Klaus
Klaus's works on research of platinum metals, begun in 1840, are widely known. He established structure of the rests of the Ural platinum ore received after its dissolution in Tsar vodka; found ways of transformation of platinum metals in solution, developed new methods of division of platinum metals and ways of reception of them in the pure state, received many of chemical compounds for the first time .

Flood in Kazan
Flood in Kazan
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