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  Tsarina Syuyumbeke

  In fact, Kazan tsarina's name was Syuyun, and 'Syuyumbike' - 'Beloved Mistress' was the name given her by people, because she tried to go deeply into severities of their lives and ease them if she could. Syuyun was a daughter of the noble Nogay bek Yusuf and grew up in steppe. In that years Kazan khans looked for wives in Nogay's jurts. All the steppe from Kuban to Khazakhstan was occupied with relatives: noble grandees contracted dynastic marriages. Young girls unwillingly left their native steppes, life in stone palaces seemed boring to them, besides it was full of court plots. Only few of the could stand that psychological load. But Syuyun was a smart girl from her early childhood, having 'man's' willful character.
  Khans didn't stay long on Kazan throne, almost none of them died in their bed: each of them became the victim of political plots. The second third of the XVI century the struggle for power in Kazan between Moscow and the Crimean groups took place. When in 1549 khan Safa died, according to the chronicles, interregnum took place.
  Who would be the next khan? Safa-Girey had three sons the elder - Mubarak and Bulyuk lived in Crimea, and three-year-old Utyamysh with his mother Syuyun - in Kazan. Khan Guards under the leadership of Crimean commander Kuchak placed their bet on Utyamysh. By the way, there are contradictory opinions concerning Kuchak preserved. There were suppositions that he had some sort of relations with tsarina. But researches absolutely reject the hypothesis that the Crimean uhlan was tsarina's favourite. It wasn' the Paris court, but Kazan with totally different customs. Besides, it is commonly known that the tsarina loved her husband Safa-Girey deeply and didn't stop think of him after his death. However she accepted Kuchak's help. That was how three-year-old child became khan, and Syuyun became a regent. The policy remained the same as in Safa's time - oriented to the Crimea with foreign forces support. However, the regent managed to carry out some reforms, having eased the tax burden for peasants, petty craftsmen and traders, that's why people called her 'Syuyumbike', an historians - 'peasants' tsarina'.
  Syuyumbike ruled only for two years. Political tendencies changed, Moscow group became stronger. Kuchak tried to escape to the Crimea, but was captured. The tsarina and her little son were arrested and sent to Moscow.People interpreted those events in their own style. After the taking Kazan by Russian forces Syuyumbike, not to surrender, threw herself from the tower, which todaу bears her name. In fact she was took to Moscow in 1551, several months before Kazan was taken. Some sources say that she was allowed to visit her husband's grave and say good bye to her people. We don't know what she said at the grave and to her people. But there are 'Syuyumbike's cry' and her 'Words of good bye'. The produce a very strong impression on readers or listeners.What was her life like in the 'honourary exile'? it is clear that she wasn't poor, but she was really depressed. Syuyun pleaded only for one thing - to let her go to her father to nogaysky steppen, but she was refused. No matter how she resisted, she had to get married an old and ugly Kasimovsky khan Shakh-Ali. Tsarina's son Utyamysh was baptized and renamed as newname of Alexander Safakiriyevich, he died when he was 20.
  There are different versions of where and when Syuyumbike died. Professor Urmancheyev systematized them and came to the conclusion that she was likely to die in 1557, at the age of 38. In Kasimov, in the Shakh-Ali. Probably, the 'peasant tsarina' was buried there.

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