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  Officially the group's year of birth is accepted as 1993. Before that there were some duet under the name '51/46', consisting of Marat Proshking and Eugey Storozhev. '51/46' became the base for the future 'Tram'.
  Both of them considered themselves to be able and skillful enough to play blues, and in were extremely proud of it, and in some creative impulse they recorded something, which at some indulgence, was possible to count an acoustic album.
  Subsequently, after short searches, with Jury Hudyashov was recruited as a bass-guitarist, and also drummer Michael Samoylov (who left the group after two years). Some rehearsals of group were attended by Nikolay Puhov (the keys player). In spring 1993, the group took part in the children's morning performance in the Kazan Bauman's Pioneers' House (the first rehearsal base), after which they at last made up their mind about the name, and also were forever expelled from the above-stated institution. The bass-guitarist was accused of cynical bubblegum chewing during the performance of pieces of music of the doubtful contents (why the administration didn't like the word "love" "Tram" still doesn't know).
  Not paying much attention to that event, the group cheerfully moves to the Kazan Rock-club led by Alena Mikhailova, where they safely rehearsed during two years. Misha Samoilov smoothly flew into the 'brutal' group 'Traur'("Mourning"), and Pavel Valeev took the place of a drummer. The bass-guitarist Yura was called to the Army and his place was taken by Ivan Demoshin. In this period "Tram" quite vigorously performed on several local festivals: in the winter 1994 - in the KSCI (this first relatively large action for the group, the reporting on which was shown on local TV), May, 1995 - Fate - festival "Injection (prick) ". ('Ukol'). In the beginning of 1995 "Tram" took part in opening first Rock-cafe "Phoenix" in city (unfortunately, it existed only few months). Due to these performances, the group gained some popularity in narrow circles, started necessary acquaintances and got, at last, more or less decent instruments.
  After the rock-club's breaking up in 1995, the group changed the base for "Rock - chapel". In 1995 the first bass-guitarist of the group Jury came back from the Army service and took his place in the group again. This stuff of the group wrote down a debut album "Roots". A little later, Pavel Valeev (drummer) left the group and "Tram" rehearsed in acoustics. A concert in "Rock-chapel" (in record it received the name "City") became the result of those rehearsals. Some days before the musicians took part in the air of the program "The Alive crocodile" on the radio "Volga", and received recognition on the side the radio listeners, who expressed it in a plenty of approving phone calls and messages on the studio pager. ('We still keep those pieces of paper with phone numbers of those girls, who called us, reverentially touching these records in the minutes of creative despair')
  At the end of an autumn of 1997 the group changed the drummer again, this time it was Maxim Polyanin. Rehearsing in a classical structure (three guitars + drums), "Tram" went on with their self-improvement, performing, basically, in 'Rock-chapel'. In November 1997 the band went on the first tour to Zelenodolsk where they performed a concert dedicated to the foreign holiday Hallowe'en. Not having an opportunity to do the records in a studio, the musicians made a decision to record concert performance, having paid for it with the money collected for entrance tickets. It was the first paid solo concert of the group, which was held in "Rock-chapel" in autumn of 1998. The record was called "Kazan blues-man".
  In spring 1999, having decided to take part in the competition of songs about Kazan, "Tram" recorded the song "Zilant", having invited for this purpose thr violin-player Yevdokia Sibatrova. The musicians liked the new sound very much, and since then there have been 5 members in the group. By the way, 'Tram' didn't enter the competition. In autumn of 1999 the new concert album "Black raven" was recorded. As a result of the work there were three programs appeared on the 'Volga-radio' and 'Bim-Radio'.
  After the series of successful performances in 2000-2001 years (the "Boiling Point", two festivals 'Equinoxes' the "Holiday of Beer', 'Rock-and-roll on water', St. Patrick's Day etc.), and records of a concert album " Farewell Arms", the violin player had to leave the group, who didn't have time to attend rehearsals. On third "Equinox" the group performed without a violin. In same stuff "Tram" has appeared on the air of morning program "Wake up and sing" on the TV channel.
  At the end of 2001 the group was left by one of the founders, the solo-guitarist and the author of some songs Eugeny Storozhev who organized his own project "England", and bass-guitarist Jury Hudyashov. The place of the bass-guitarist was taken again by Ivan Demoshin.
  In January, 2002 Robert Serazetdinov and Dmitry Artamonov entered the group(ex-group "Regent", 'Private Affair'), playing on a solo-guitar and percussions, accordingly. The group performed in this structure in February, 24, 2002 on festival " Alive acoustics ", organized by "Rock alliance", and has taken there the first prize.

The Theatre n.a. G.Kamal
The Theatre n.a. G.Kamal
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