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  The history of the group began in 1997 when two people, Alexander Romitsin, the drummer in Kazan group "Ulenspiegel" and the guitarist Gubaidullin Anton from the group "Stagecoach ", decided to create the new collective which subsequently received the name "Waltzing". The place of the solo guitarist was taken by Mistrikov Yaroslav the former guitarist of the group 'Dzion' Katerina Boldyreva was a singer. That staff of the group performed only once at the concert of the group "Ulenspiegel". After that a half of the staff was changed, and Yaroslav Krutov, or Yarik (bass-guitar), who used to play in the band 'Orion' appeared in the group, as well as Eugeny Zalaliev or Pepper (vocal), who left 'Dzion', subsequently he took the guitar in his hands. Alexander Romitsyn (drums) and Gubaidullin Anton (a guitar, back-vocal) remained the members of the group by that time.
  The group performed in the native city at all the festivals, rock-actions, TV programs, on the radio and in clubs. In spring 2000, the group recorded their first and the only CD "We are alive ", the records were made at the alive concert held in " Rock-chapel" due to its head Valery Vladimirovich Shashorin. And on June12, 2000 they received the invitation to Ioshkar Ola, on the annual rock-festival " Learn to swim", and shared the stage with such groups as: TEQUILAJAZZZ, 'Va-bank', "Sky is here". After that concert, in the program of Russian channel MTV, Alexander F.Sklyar characterized their music as pop-music of the good quality, which didn't contradict with their perception of the subject, unlike other collectives that played on "Learn to swim".
  In six months because of some old disagreements, Romitsyn Alexander left the group and carried away the name as the idea belonged to him. Sergey Lazarev a former member 'Dzion' changed him. But not for a long time, as in three months he left music, and they remained three again. They constituted the core of the group and didn't want to give up working. On the contrary, they began to work even more. New ideas and new program appeared. All they needed was the name. Among dozens of versions, they have chosen the name 'Amalgama', which has two direct and five hidden meanings. Unfortunately, they couldn't perform live concerts without a drummer, so they had to refuse it. The time of hard searches for the decent substitute came for 'Amalgama'. They listened to 10 candidates for a drummer and chose Constantine Varaskov, talented and the youngest member of the collective, who used to participate in the group 'Euphoria'. Now, when the stuff of the band is completed, the adherents and creative people are ready to work at their new program and prepare themselves for the next recordings.

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