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  The Medical University`s Library

  The Library of Kazan State Medical UniversityThe Scientific Library of Kazan State Medical University (SL KSMU) was established in 1930 when the medical department of the university became an independent medical institute.
  The Library of the Society of Doctors' of Kazan University served as the basis for that library. Thus, the library takes its origins from 1868. The first volumes of the library's funds were the Society's scientists' works and different kinds of literature received from other societies in exchange to other pieces.
  It became possible to expand the library's funds by means of exchanges with medical societies and medical newspapers and magazines' editorial offices, and also with various establishments that, one way or another, are connected with medicine. Due to these measures, the library had had 3754 titles of various publications by 1892. Due to its richest funds, the Library of the Society of Doctors of Kazan University was considered one of the leading ones among the libraries of medical societies of Russia.
  By 1930, the library's funds consisted of about 20,000 volumes, whereas the staff consisted of two persons only. The library was located in the building of a former church of new clinics.
  In 1966, it was ranked a third category library. The number of the library's readers was equal to 4867, whereas 19 staff members operated it.
  In 1985, the library was moved to a new building of the area of 1500 sq. m. The year of 1993 was the time of new technologies' implementation. The library's computerization was put into practice on the basis of an automatic informational system for libraries.
  The Integrated Informational System for Libraries of The House of Engineers and Technicians, which was developed by the State Central Scientific Medical Library, was the one that the library started to operate on. Since 1998, the library offers an access to International Information Superhighway - the Internet.
  For the time being, the number of general readers is equal to 5370. The library serves as a rich source of medical materials for faculty members and scientific employees, post-graduate students and interns, students of the Faculty of Professional Skills' Improvement and trainees, teacher's assistants, technicians, students of medical colleges and universities, and practicing doctors.
  The library's funds include 644,852 copies of documents on medicine and related sciences (biology and chemistry), and socio-humanitarian disciplines. The funds also include a wide suit of fiction literature that includes 20000 volumes. The number of materials, issued in 1997, was 291,727 copies.
  The library's Information Service provides the readers with an electronic catalog (including 7888 titles of documents), databases of The State Central Scientific Medical Library (Moscow), Medline (The National Library of the USA), and the Internet.
  The library has 5 departments: - the compilation department, - the scientific processing department, - the readers' service department, - the bibliographic and information department, - the department of books storage. The library offers its services of the following subscriptions, which include an educational, scientific and fiction, the interlibrary subscriptions. Also, a scientific reading room, a student's reading room, and a reading room of foreign literature are also offered for the readers' use.
  The address is 420012, Kazan, Butlerov street, 49

A Park near the Black Lake
A Park near the Black Lake
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