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  The date of the group "Reserve" birth is hard to be defined. Its foundation was laid in 1997 when Michael Lyulinsky, well-known in Kazan jazz-lover, offered to create jazz band to four students of physical faculty of the State University. Those students were Timur Mustafin (pipe), Jury Kuvshinov (tenor - saxophone) and two Andreys: Bondarenko and Berezhnov (piano and guitar). There was a big problem with rhythm - section for a long time, and it varied rather often. And even more often when it was absent, however, as well as the extremely unreliable tenor - saxophonist. So the first concert was held as a trio.
  Initially the group worked on a field of the old jazz music of a sample of the 1940s years. But it was interfered by everything that might interfere. First the group lost the saxophonist. Then Timur fell seriously ill. While waiting for his recovery, the style of group imperceptibly, but cardinally changed. Gone out from the hospitals, Timur came back in the band, which already played art-rock, made fantastic transition from the pipe on the bass (!), and completely unexpectedly found out his original calling.
  In one month (in June of 1998) the group recorded the first studio album. This great and important event in the history of group happened in autumn 1998, when to try himself as a drummer (there were dozen drummers trying themselves, but only few of them could maintain the complicated non-integral sizes of their music) came Timur Ibatullin and involved young, undoubtedly talented saxophonist Eugeny Leydera.
  1998. The third place at the competition of independent Kazan collectives.
  Summer 1999. A cycle of the three program concerts, which haven't received the name (they are just " Concerts 1, 2 and 3 ").
  Up to the last time the group played purely instrumental music, but participating in the Puschinsky festival 2000, "Reserve" used famous in Kazan and beyond its boundaries singer Julia Ziganshina.
  September, 2000. The group carried out a new large project, musical performance " Playing people ". It is a new mark in a history of the group. Now musicians pay the increasing attention to staging the scenic action, connect items with the general subject line, introducing by that conceptionalism and picturesque in music without which the original art-rock is inconceivable.

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