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  History of the group "Desperate" began in autumn of 1997, on the flotsome of grange-trash group "Jolly Roger". Having refused heavy sound, musicians: D.Vasil'ev - drums, A.Turtsev - bass, Sax - solo-guitar, S.Listvin - piano and M.Turtsev - vocal, guitar, experimented with unusual forms - Brit-pop and light alternative though among a heap of sounds the blues basis was clearly read. (Desperate, "Risks", 98.)
  As a result of the search for the original sound in autumn 1998 certain changes took place - instead of keys they began to use female back-vocal of Lyudmila Anannikova, that gave to music new colouring. At the same time 5 compositions were recorded, which finally defined the style of the group, within the framework of which the musicians have worked by now, naturally, continuously changing something.
  In spring 1999 the record was made the arrangement of which the musicians themselves considered to be out of their style. In autumn the group took part in festival "Equinox" which took place in Kazan. So the third, continuing up to now, period in the life of "Desperate" began.
  In November, 1999 certain disagreements concerning music made one of the group founders D.Vasiliyev leave, so another drum man - Anatoly Dikolenko - changed him; loving electronic music he has changed the drum parties into more fashionable. This stuff of the group recorded a maxi-single "Desperate" in March, 2000.
  In May, 2000 the group is sent to Saint Petersburg on presentation of the collection the "Hunt - 2" released by 'Kap-Kan records'. Performances were held in clubs "Powder keg" and "Milk". Interestingly, the new program has never played in native Kazan. On their way back, in Moscow, "Desperate" have played in the unique club "16 Tons", so that they still can't believe it themselves.
  In July, 2000 the album "The Neon sky" was recorded and it took only six days. The album was made in traditional for the group style - Brit-pop, however there are some funky and some other things occurred.
  Simultaneously, the single "War"- hard and aggressive - was recorded, that was not typical for the group's creative stile. Daniel Smirnov ("Kirpichi (Bricks)" and Andrey Mashinin ('Mashinin Band') also took part in recording. The "common" version of the "War" has been included into the album "The Neon sky ". In the form of the single it is possible to hear the individual interpretation this "song".
  Today the group " Desperate " consists of Michael "Shvabra" Турцев (vocal, lyrics), Aidar "Sax" Zakirov (guitar), Denis "Sota" Sattarov (bass-guitar), Roman Alexeyev (drums).

The Theatre n.a. G.Kamal
The Theatre n.a. G.Kamal
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