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  The group Plutonium was founded in autumn, 1999, when musicians of the band (Oleg Burilov - guitar, vocal, Sergey Kargin - bass-guitar, Nikolay Pihtovnikov - keyboard, Alexander Romitsin - drums) invited Mash Kulagina (ex -"Indrunk") as a second lead-vocal.
  This staff of the group performed a number of concerts, and on April 22, 2000 it resulted in recording the concert demo-album. On June 20, 2000 at the studio " Volga-production " (Kazan) Plutonium recorded the single 'She goes', which at once got in rotation on the Kazan radio stations (radio "Nastroyeniye", "Volga - radio"). This record became the beginning of the new stage in creativity of the group. Then a series of events in life of the group has followed, among which we could espessialy distinguish the following:
  October 2000 - successful solo-performances in the clubs 'Spartak' (St.Petersburg), 'U-2'(Moscow), 'Tabula Rasa' (Moscow).
  November 2000 - the group participated in the festival 'Equinox - 2000'. This performance became the last for the drummer Sasha Romitsyna - because of musical disagreements he left Plutonium. The vacant place of a drummer was taken by Maxim "MadMax" Polyanin.
  At the end of April 2001 Leonid Okhotnikov's (Kazan) group started recording the debut album 'On the air'.
  March, 9, 2001 - the performance of Plutonium and Petersburg group 'Jan Qu' in the club " Moloko " (St. Petersburg). A little earlier, in February, 2001 in the issue of the magazine Fuzz the review of a concert demo-album was published and the album received 4 points from 5.
  In next issue of Fuzz the disk FUZZBOX vol.12 was released, where Plutonium, honoured by the attention of the most popular magazine was presented with the song 'She goes'.
  May, 12 Plutonium is in the framework of festival MUSTON which was held in the club " Centre " (Moscow).Soon the collection of festival was released where the group is represented with three compositions.
  July, 30, 2001 on air " Our Radio " (Moscow) the debut of the 'Wind' was held a "Wind", and on the results of voting, 70 % of listeners voted for it.
  October, 2001 the performance at the festival "Equinox - 2001". On October 7 - performance on the closing concert of the festival. Plutonium shared the stage with the group Zdob si Zdub.
  In the beginning of January 2002 the debut promo-album of the group 'On the air'was release on the label 'Bars-records', it was recorded on the studio Okhotnikofff Records (Kazan). The album includes 11 tracks, including the piano version of the songs "She goes ".
  In the middle of July, 2002 six completely new compositions were recorded. On August, 11 on the festival "Nashestviye" in Ramenskoye about 1500 audio-cassettes with the promo-album "On the air" were distributed. August, 31. The group took part in festival " Ural - Rock 2002 " where it has won the first place.
  On September, 14 2002 Plutonium is going take part in festival "Pod'yem" in Kirov, and on 15 at the same place - a joint concert with the group 'Torba na Kruche'.

The Theatre n.a. G.Kamal
The Theatre n.a. G.Kamal
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