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  The date of the group Strafe foundation is considered to be February 15, 2002. But, as a matter of fact, guys have begun to gather and rehearse since 1999. That stuff of the group included only one person of its present stuff - Vorobiyev Dmitry. That group was called ' Wind in Head ' and there were two more persons in it: Mansurov Timur and Davydov Alexander. In March 2000 the group broke up.
  The second birth of the group under the name of 'Opposition' is considered to be in May 2000, when the new solo guitarist Pivnev Peter and the vocalist Dmitry started rehearsing. At that moment the group didn't have the bass-guitarist and the drummer but it didn't prevent them from writing and composing music, though the lack of powerful rhythm section was definite.
  In the end, the group solved this problem, having invited Dima's and Peter's class-mate Protopopov Mikhael. Due to this man their sound gained more colourful character.
  At that time the group consisted of Vorobiyev D. - vocal and rhythm guitar, Pivnev P. - solo-guitar and back-vocal, Protopopov M.- bass-guitar and back vocal, and Mansurov Timur - drummer. The bass-guitarist and the drummer didn't get on well so Timur left the group again. But the place of the drummer weren't vacant for long. It was the pupil of school 131 Mozhanov Sergey, a very good Misha's friend, who became a new drummer of the group. Sergey surpassed Timur in the playing skill and it influenced the sound to some extent. In some two month Sergey Mateyunas (keys) - appeared in the group. He was a participant of the author's songs festival held in school 18 and his skill produced significant impression on the group. So all the members of the group agreed to invite him.
  In the summer 2001 the musicians recorded the album at the studio in Zelenodolsk. It contained only six songs, because the studio was given only for 24 hours, and not because of the lack of material. Besides the title composition the single 'Better then' included the following songs: 'Rain', ' Won't be back', 'Moles', 'Answer' and 'Girl'.

The Theatre n.a. G.Kamal
The Theatre n.a. G.Kamal
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