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  Museum of Sports Glory of Tatarstan

  The Museum of Sports Glory of Tatarstan was solemnly opened in Kazan on December 28, 2001. The right to cut the red strip (as a symbol of the museum's opening) was given to Russia's best sportsman of 2001, our fellow countryman, and the goalkeeper of Russia's National football team Ruslan Nigmatullin.
  A few years ago a group of sports veterans headed by Shamil Khasanovich Galeyev, on the voluntary basis enthusiastically started to collect various historical materials in order to found the sports annals of the republic. Thanks to the State Committee of the Youth and Sports of RT, a group of enthusiasts was given a building for the museum.
  However, it soon became clear that the space provided was too small for the richest collections that the veterans have managed to bring together. It was decided that the museum needed another building, and the concerned people started their search.
  The new building for the museum was found by chance. During the reconstruction works of the Sports Palace, the third floor of the building was intended to be a restaurant. Why not organizing a museum instead? The chairman of the State Committee of Sports and Tourism of RT Khanif Murtazin and the mayor of Kazan city Kamil Iskhakov liked the idea.
  However, they had to fight for their idea to be accepted.The museum's organizational work began in 1996. The exposition's basis of the new museum included collected documents, photos, diplomas, badges, cups, medals which individual sportsmen, coaches, instructors kept as their possessions.
  Exhibits devoted to boxing, weight lifting, fencing, and wrestling were put on display. The chess school of Tatarstan, national wrestling, and hockey sections have numerous exhibits. Lives of brilliant sportsmen, Olympic, World and European champions are brightly illustrated.

The Peter and Paul Cathedral
The Peter and Paul Cathedral
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