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  Gabdulla Tukay`s Museum

  From the museum's history
  The museum of Tatar national poet Gabdulla Tukay (1886 - 1913) was established in 1984. It was opened in 1986. Since 1984, the museum has been a branch of The State Amalgamated Museum of the Republic of Tatarstan (SAM RT). The museum's type is literary.
  The museum is located in a two- storeyed private residence, which is Shamil's former house. The building is an architectural monument of the end of the XIX - the beginning of the XX centuries. The museum is situated on the territory Old-Tatar Sloboda. The total area is 719 sq. m.The museum includes exposition halls, exhibition halls, and rooms for lectures.
  The brief description of the collection's unique part
  The museum's funds include 998 entries of storage.The funds' organization include:G. Tukay's rare memorial things,Photos of the poet,Issues of newspapers and magazines which G. Tukay worked with,Things and documents of the people who surrounded the poet,Epochal things, ethnographical items,G. Tukay's works publications issued in different years in various languages.
  Especially valuable (unique) part of the funds include: the faience casket, which G. Tukay bought for his sister on his first author's emoluments, the embroidery scull-cap made of black velvet, in which the poet is shot for the photo of 1908 taken for his collection of verses,a metal cup for pencils (the cup refers to G.Tukay's visit to St. Petersburg),a road wicker basket of the poet,the silver cuff links presented to the poet by his friendsa posthumous mask of the poet's face,books from the personal library of Tukay's grandfather Zinnatulla.
  The pieces include "History of Prophets" and The Koran with his marks and comments,Original issues of "Fiker" ('Thought') newspaper, "Algasrul-dzhadid" ("New Century") and "Uklar" ("Arrows") magazines, which were issued in Uralsk by Kamil Mutigi with G.Tukay's active participation,Ethnographical subjects such as lacy coverlet with applications; a scull cap, embroidered with golden and silk threads; a lady's handbag, and a bib.
  Writer G. Kulakhmetov's sisters crafted all the things. The writer was G. Tukay's friend.A copy of the first issue of 'An" magazine ("Consciousness') of February 15, 1912, opening with G. Tukay's poem "The Awakening" that he specially wrote for this occasion,things used by employees of "An' magazine such as an inkwell, a spirit-lamp etc.Photos shot during G.Tukay's anniversary's celebrations in the USA and Finland, Tukay's works collection that was published in 1933 - 1937 in Tokyo by the initiative of the local Tatars.
  The exposition reconstructed in 1996 represents different periods of G.Tukay's life and work. Memorial things are on display in a separate showroom.
  Cultural - educational activity of the museum
  The museum organizes excursions, lectures, literary-musical parties, meetings with writers, poets, figures of Tatar culture, walking tour excursions in the area of Old Tatar Sloboda devoted to the following topics: Muslim Kazan; Old Tatar Sloboda; Mosques of Old Tatar Sloboda; The places connected with the name of S.Mardzhani.
  The study cycle "Literary meetings" is offered on the constant basis, which includes seminars for teachers of Tatar language and literature of Tatar schools of RT.
  The address is 420022, Kazan, Tukay Street, 74
  e-mail: m2166@mail.museum.ru

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