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  E.A. Boratynsky literary-memorial museum

  There are many unanswered questions about Eugeny Boratynsky (1800-1844) work and life. These questions cause on-going arguments and debates. What the exact date of his birth is, what the right spelling of his last name is, how should his last works collection "The Dusks" be interpreted, why the poet's only museum in Russia is in Kazan - are some of such questions.
  The year of 1826 was the one that connected Eugeny Boratynsky with our city. That year he got acquainted with Kazan landowner L.N. Engelgardt's daughter Anastasia. The story of this meeting's results may be found in the article by his granddaughter K.N. Alekseyeva "Poet Boratynsky in Kazan" where the reader can find accurate scientific facts of the poet's life, documents from family archive, and family's legends.
  In her manuscript, Ksenia Nikolaevna spelling her grandfather's last name 'Baratysky', showed her attempt to follow the standards of that time. However, she couldn't help spelling it as 'Boratynsky' according to the family tradition. The surname takes its origin from the name of a castle in Galitsia "De Boratyn", which means "God stands up for it".
  However, in 1819 the first poems of the poet were published and his surname was spelled as it sounds - 'Baratynsky'. Eugeny Abramovich didn't mind it and began to use both variants. And only the poet's descendants returned to the original spelling. In modern literary criticism, the majority of scientists agree to this "family" theory. E.A. Boratynsky museum always followed this family tradition.
  In 2002, the museum first exposition's twenty-fifth anniversary was celebrated. The museum's fate is far from being simple. The founder of the museum, as it frequently happens in the beginning of any good deed, was a very enthusiastic and dedicated person. A teacher of Russian language and literature of school N 112 Vera Georgiyevna Zagvozkina together with her students were actively searching for several years. The result of this search was an excellent exposition (by artist M.B. Strizhenov from Moscow) that was opened in school N 34 in 1977. The pupils, teacher and administration gave emotional warmth and care to the newly opened museum.
  O.A. Alekseyeva-Boratynskaya poet E.A. Boratynsky's granddaughter wrote an article about the museum that was opened in our city. The article touches upon the museum's history and value. The article's heading "Baratynka" takes its origin from Boratynskys' country estate on Bolshaya Lyadskaya Street (nowadays, Gorky Street).
  There was even an expression - "Baratynka's light". The expression meant spiritual light and warmth and the role of the Boratynskys in Kazan life. Yes, and about a dream... the dream about the day when the museum will receive its visitors in the favorite "gray" house, in "Baratynka". It was hard to make this dream come true. The year of 1991 was when the first step was made. The museum received a wing of Boratynskys' country estate where the exhibition "Family Album's Pages" was opened (the restoration project by V.N. Budarin, the exposition is by the Art fund of Tatarstan's Artists' Union, V.A. Nesterenko's group).
  Today many people of Kazan know this small gray house on Gorky and Mushtary Streets crossroad. Some of them, having come here for the first time, became the museum's friends, among which are a famous romance performer Yulia Ziganshina, scientists L.S. Andreyeva, L.Ya. Voronova, A.N. Pashkurov, T.V. Abalimova, a skillful guitarist A. Lavrentev, a newspaper perorter O. Ivanycheva, a poetess N. Akhunova, and many others. The warmth of the Boratynskys' house is also the warmth of our friends' hearts.
  The year of 2000 became especially important for the museum, as it was the year of E.A. Boratynsky's birthday 200-anniversary. It was a time for evaluations and analysis of everything: pleasures and disappointments, searches and finds, dreams and realities. This year showed, that Kazan became the same-class center dedicated to Baratynsky's life and work research, like Moscow and country estate-museum "Muranovo". Seven years ago "The Literary Readings in Boratynsky's Country Estate" consisted of only eight reports. This year, an international conference "The Word and Idea of Boratysnky" was held in association with the Philological Department of Kazan University. The number of the performances was more than fifty.
  The museum's dreams are still alive. We dream that by the 1000-anniversary of our city, the Boratynsky's country estate will have been restored, that things from "Kazan archive" will have returned to their original place and "Baratyka"'s soul will fill with light this cozy nook of Kazan.

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