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  The State Amalgamated Museum of the RT

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  The State Amalgamated Museum of the Tatarstan Republic (SAM RT) (The National Museum of RT) is one of the largest museums of the Volga region.The museum was opened on April 5, (according to the old calendar style) 1895. The museum's type is general with all kinds of departments. Since 1981, the State Museum has been the central one of the museum association that includes 74 museums of the Republic of Tatarstan.
  The museum takes its origin from the private collection of Andrey Fedorovich Likhachev's (1832 - 1890), the famous archeologist, historian and collector. Another source of the museum's funds are the exhibits of the scientific-industrial exhibition of 1890.
  The museum occupies the building of the former Gostinniy Dvor, which is one of the architectural and historical monuments of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Tatarstan. The appearance of the building was continually being shaped during the XIX century and was completed by the end of the century. Beginning from 1800 till 1815, the building was being constructed according to the architect F.E. Emelyanov's project. In 1895, the northwestern part of the building was reconstructed (by the architect I. Kolmakov). In 1995 (in commemoration of the museum's 100-anniversary) the northwestern part of the building was restored to its shape of 1895 (by the architect S.A. Kozlova).
  The building's value is in its unique vaulted blocking constructions used in the building's design.In 1987, the museum was damaged by fire, and the last 12 years it is closed for visitors. The showrooms of about 1 000 sq. m area function now.
  The museum's reconstruction project provides for a new area creation. On this area, exceeding 6 000 sq. m, several different types of museums and showrooms will be sited. Among them are:
  The museum of archeology
  The museum of Bulgaria of the Volga region and Kazan Khanate (of the period between the VIII century and 1552) history
  The museum of regional history from 1552 to the beginning of the XX century
  The museum of Tatarstan in the XX century
  The museum of ethnography
  The museum of Tatar Book history
  "The Man and the Nature" museum
  A.F. Likhachev's museum-memorial.
  The brief description of the collection's unique part
  The museum's funds include over 700 thousand units of storage and systematically cover all topics of the local area studies. Thus, the funds are of great value for studying history of the Volga and Ural regions' peoples, including Turkic.Moreover, the museum funds store historical and cultural monuments of the ancient world's civilizations of both western and eastern cultures.
  The funds include:
  archeological fund that has 246257 entries;
  numismatic fund that has 109457 entries;
  written sources' fund of 130000 entries;
  book fund, containing 22000 entries;
  fund of historical and cultural sources of Tatar people that includes 30000 unites;
  ethnographical fund with its 15600 unites of storage;
  graphic materials' fund containing 73877 entries;
  material sources' fund (including a collection of porcelains and faiences) of 12200 entries;
  Armory fund with its 915 units of weapons;
  Natural Science fund that includes more than 6000 units of display;
  Precious metals fund including 4050 units of storage.
  Especially valuable (unique) collections include:
  A.F. Likhachev's Bulgarian collection including 3080 entries;
  A collection of finds from Ananin burial grounds excavations that has 800 units of storage;
  3 monuments of Novo-Mordovian burial ground;
  Egyptian collection including 250 units,Antique collection of 420 entries;
  Golden coins' collection that has 401 pieces;
  Ancient scrolls of the XVII century collection that has more than 20 units of storage;
  A collection of hand-written books of the XV - XX centuries including 88 pieces;
  A collection of memorial things of Tatar literary figures such as S. Mardzhani, K. Nasyri, G. Tukay, Dermend (Zakir Rameev), R. Fakhretdinov, G. Iskhaki, Kh. Yamashev, M.Dzhalil including about 20 units of storage;
  A collection of Kazan Tatars' arts and crafts works including 3500 pieces;
  G.R. Derzhavin's memorial collection that has 8 units of storage;
  A collection of humming birds that has 36 entries;
  A collection of American sparrow including 41 units;
  A collection of historical taxidermy monuments (biological compositions, stuffed animals and birds) including more than 150 items.


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