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  B. Urmanche`s Museum

  The museum of one of the greatest artists of the XX century Baki Idrisovich Urmanche was created in 1998 with Kazan city administration's participation. The museum is a branch of the National Cultural Center "Kazan". The goal of the museum is to reflect the life and work paths of Baki Urmanche - the founder of Tatar professional fine art - who significantly contributed to art culture of the Republic of Tatarstan, the Russian Federation, and the former Soviet Union.
  B. Urmanche's range of skills covers easel and monumental painting, sculpture, drawing, arts and crafts, theater and decoration arts, and book illustration. Baki Urmanche created more than 300 canvases, more than 100 sculptures and a few thousand graphic pictures. The museum's expositions displays 65 original products, more than 150 documents and photos. The memorial part, where personal belongings of the artist are on display, was recreated. The exhibition reflects the real atmosphere, in which Baki Urmanche created his works.
  The establishment of the museum was a long-awaited event for all cultural public of Tatarstan. Additionally, it was the all life dream of the artist, who worked for a long time outside the republic, to bring together his works, each of which is penetrated with love to his fatherland and his people.
  Now we have got an excellent opportunity to fully observe and study the creative heritage of Baki Urmanche. The famous canvases by the talented artist, famous people, such as Kul Gali, Derdmend, Gabdulla Tukay, and Kayum Nasyri, embodied in marble and plaster, are collected in the house - museum. Here it is also possible to see Urmanche's extremely modest personal things, which keep memories of the owner. Baki Urmanche's voice sounding gives a special atmosphere to the house - museum: especially for visitors, the museum's staff playback the audio records and documentary film shootings.
  The first visitors of Baki Urmanche's house - museum were President of the Republic of Tatartstan Mintimer Shaymiyev, the mayor of Kazan Kamil Iskhakov, the widow of the artist Flora Akhmetova-Urmanche, his son Ildar, men of art and culture of the republic. Mintimer Shaymiev wrote the first lines in the visitors' book, which began so: "Today we all have lots of joy. Our great compatriot's museum has been opened'. Giving a speech during the opening ceremony, the President noted, "the whole Baki Urmanche doesn't have enough room in this museum". It is expected, that with time the whole gallery of the outstanding artist will be opened on the territory of Kazan Kremlin.
  The address: Kazan, Shapov street, bld. 20

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