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  Salikh Saydashev`s Museum

  From the museum's history
  The museum was established in 1987. It was opened on June 25, 1993. The museum has been a branch of the State Amalgamated Museum of RT (SAM RT) since 1998.
  The type of the museum is musical.
  The museum occupies a 2-story building, constructed in the beginning of the XX century. S.Saydashev lived in one of this house's apartments. The general area is 377, 2 sq. m.
  The museum includes:
  Exposition halls
  Musical salon
  The brief description of the unique part of the collection:
  The museum funds have more than 500 units of storage. The funds' contents are as follows:
  Personal things of the composer
  Autographs, musical notes, S.Saydashev's photosphono- and gramophone recordings, audio and videocassettes
  Musical instruments, items of historical epoch.
  Especially valuable parts of the funds:
  Memorial "The White Room", where original things of the composer are on display:
  - The piano of " Georg Hoffman" firm, Berlin, the end of the XIX - the beginning of the XX centuries.
  - A round screw chair
  - A conductor's batonPosthumous mask (plaster) by the sculptor Sadri Akhunov, Moscow
  - A three-leaved mirror, which belonged to S.Saydashev's mother,
  the end of the XIX century.
  - A hand-written diary of the first composer's student Fatima-Zuhra Sultanova (1918 - 1919)
  16 musical fragments from S.Saydashev's works that artistically sound artistic-figurative compositions, among which:
  - A fragment of special value from the Overture to the musical drama by Fathi Burnash "Taknir and Zukhra" ("The Eastern Ballet"), conductor S.Saydashev- "March of the Soviet Army", arranger and conductor Nathan Rakhlin
  - A waltz from T.Gizzat's musical drama "Lodger" in the performance of a variety orchestra conducted by Oleg Lundstrem
  - An aria "The Adriatic Sea" from T. Gizzat's musical drama "The True Love". Performers: in Tatar language Ilgam Shakirov, in Russian G. Ots
  - Aria 'Nightingale' from K.Tinchurin's musical drama of "Silts", performed by Galia Kaybitskaya
  - Raisa's song from the music to the drama by Fatkhullin "Eyes", the piano part by Renat Yenikeyev.
  The exposition looks different due to the original art decision that unites the graphic line, the sound, and the light.
  Artists: Leukhin Alexander Petrovich, a member of UA of the Russian Federation and RT, Nesterenko Vladimir Aleksandrovich, a member of UA РТ.
  The system of light-sound auto guide (Tatar, Russian, and English) is operated in the museum.
  Some valuable exhibits of the museum are gifts of famous Tatar composers and poets, among which are:
  - An author's copy of the partite of a symphonic work in 4 parts by Monasypov Admaz Zakirovich "A Musical Gift to S.Saydashev" (with the author's autograph)
  - A collection of piano plays (20 pieces) by Enikeyev Renat Akhmetovich "Saidashstan" on the themes of the composer S.Saydashev
  - A poem "Saidash" by Fayzullin Ravil Gabdrahmanovich (with the author's autograph).The following items are kept in the museum:
  - Piano "C.M.SCHRODER", which belonged to the composer A.K.Glazunov
  - Piano "PETROF", which belonged to the conductor Nathan Rakhlin.
  Scientific work:
  Study of S.Saydashev's life and creative work
  Participation in publishing of full collection of works by Salikh Saydashev and books about the composer.
  Cultural - educational activity
  Educational study-cycles about musical art for children and the youth. The monthly actions devoted to significant dates of outstanding figures of literature, culture and art of Tatarstan, Russia, and foreign countries. Parties devoted to creative work of people of art, new work presentations, concerts of composers and performers.
  Annually the museum conducts more than 60 various actions.The Art Councils and Public Councils are founded at the museum. Leading conducting composers, teachers, musical performers are members of the Art Council.
  Actors, scientists, people of culture, and veterans of the stage are members of the Public Councils. The museum is the rehearsal base for municipal ensemble "RUKh". Ritual "The White Room". The musicians, who managed to preserve originality and colors of national music in their creative work, according to the decision of The Art Council are awarded an honor of visiting the memorial "The White Room". Their names are recorded in "The Book of Honor" of the museum. For all the time of this tradition's existence, only two musicians have deserved the right of participation in the ritual:
  - Georgy Ibushev, an honored artist of RT, (vocal)
  - Aniya Tuisheva, People's actress of R.T, (vocal).
  The director - Utey Milyavsha Khadiyatovna
  The address: 420015, Kazan, Gorky Street

A Park near the Black Lake
A Park near the Black Lake
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