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  A.M. Gorky Literary - memorial museum

  A.M. Gorky Literary - memorial museum is a branch of the State Amalgamated Museum of the Republic of Tatarstan.
  It was established in 1940 on the basis of memorial bakery in the basement of the building, where Alexey Peshkov (А.М. Gorky) worked in 1886-1887 as a baker's aid.
  Alexey Maksimovich Gorky (1886-1936) - the great Russian writer - was the founder of the socialistic realism literature. He lived in Kazan four years, which he called "universities of life". Here in Kazan, young Alexey Peshkov formed his outlook. Therefore in the museum's expositions, special attention is paid to Kazan period of the writer's life. ("Gorky and Kazan", "Kazan in Gorky works").
  In 1968 - the year of А.М. Gorky's birthday 100-anniversary - on the second floor of the museum, a number of sections such as "Gorky and Tatar literature", "Gorky's plays on Kazan theatres' stages", "Gorky and Shalyapin" were opened.
  The fund of the museum has over 40 thousand units of storage; the major fund is 30 thousand exhibits, among which memorial things of M. Gorky, F.I. Shalyapin, men of the Tatar literature, and people of Gorky and Shalyapin's surroundings in Kazan.
  The bakery with its household conditions, in which Alexey Maksimovich worked, is considered unique. N.F. Kalinin, a historian and regional specialist, gave the scientific basis for restoration of the memorial basement. M.I. Elizarova brought a big contribution to the establishment and development of the museum.
  The museum is one of the cultural centers of Kazan where one can observe propagation of Russian and Tatar literature. Literary Association of Young Authors operates at the museum since 1942. Also, a society of bibliophiles works at the museum. In 1991, the Society of Amateurs of F.I. Shalyapin's work was established. It is engaged in the study and propagation of F.I.Shalyapin's life and work.
  Address: Kazan, Gorky Street, 10

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