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  Almeyev Nadir

  Almeyev Nadir is a graphic artist, a painter. He is a passionate, rebellious, difficult artist. His works require time and efforts to understand them, because each line and touch are full of hidden sense and bear certain meaning.
  Modern art deeply interprets human's connections with the world around him, with his past and future. There are complicated images of interpretation of phenomena in Almeyev's graphic; perception of life in his works is given through the poetic interpretation of himself in the world.
  The secret of the artist's emotional impact is that he not only perceive the world in a special way, but he is able to find and select the most important things for all people and times, their everlasting problems and dreams; the thing is that there is something untold, some mystery, which can't be expressed with words, but which is full of spirituality and reflection, it is only guessed, but not named.
  Almeyev's works synthesize poetry, music and fine art well. Classic music strengthens emotional power of his works, becoming in some indirect way a certain aura of his graphics. Music by Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Skryabin is especially close to him.

The road to the Kremlin
The road to the Kremlin
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