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  Kazan Tatar State Young People`s Theatre

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  The theatre gained its status of the State theatre on November 4, 1991 according to the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Tatarstan.
  In 1996 according to the Decree of the President of Tatarstan and the Head of administration of Kazan the building of the Palace of Culture of the flax-scutching mill in Kirovsky district (49 Gladilov str.), 'Worker's Theatre', built by the mill-owners Alafusovs was given to the theatre. Though the building was built 100 years ago (August 26, 1900), today concerning architecture and design it is still a very beautiful building.
  The repertoire of the theatre is various.
  Each play centers on human being's fate: love and hatred, good and evil.The actor is a key person in the theatre.
  Creation of the strong reliable frame contributes to the doubtless rising creativity. It includes the leading actors of the theatre - People's Artists of the Republic of Tatarstan Miftakhov R.N. and Safin N.B. They are rewarded with government awards and honorary titles for their long and hard work.
  In 1996 Kazan State Young People's Theatre was accepted for the World Organization 'ASSISTEG' of children's and young people's theatres. This organization has certain influence on the creative growth, as soon as it opens the way to international communication. Today it communicates with the theatres of Japan, Germany, Turkey, Norway and other countries.
  However, the theatre doesn't forget its little spectators, stages for them interesting plays: 'Miracles of the old Hikmat' by F.Gadelshin, 'Little hedgehog is looking for friends.' By R. Korban, 'The spot of reflected light' by A. Lopeeku, 'What is the name of Shurale?' by G. Gilmainov. Today the theatre is looking for new names, going on working with young playwrights. The repertoire of the theatre includes plays by the famous playwrights such as Tazy Gizzat, Hai Vahmt, Tufan Minullin, Ildar Yuzeev, Farid Yarulling and plays by the young playwrights: Amanulla, Mansur Giliasov, Galimsian Gilmanova, Rafis Korban. It looks as if there were no creative problem that couldn't be solved by the actors of the Kazan State Tatar Young People's Theatre. They realize well enough its mission - aesthetic bringing up the growing generation, cultivating love to the native language, literature and art. The theatre tries to use any opportunity of its art. Today we can say that in the Republic of Tatarstan Kazan Tatar State Young People's Theatre exists.
  Address: 49 Gladilov str, Kazan, 420032.


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