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  The State Academy of Culture and Arts

  The higher educational establishment was founded as a branch of the N. K. Krupskaya's Leningrad State Institute of Culture, in 1974 it was reorganized into the Kazan State Institute of Culture. In 1991 it was renamed into the State Institute of Culture and Arts, in May 1995 it was given the status of Academy and became The Kazan State Academy of Culture and Arts.
  Teaching staff - 182,75 of established posts.
  The Academy today
  The staff of the Academy has established connection with the near and distant foreign countries. The theatre of folk music under the leadership of the People's Artist of the Republic of Tatarstan R.Z. Tazetdinova and the ensemble of folk instruments 'Subboteya' have appeared on the stages of different countries of the world. The creative group 'A road from the city' participated in the International Contest of choreographic collectives in Smolensk (Belarus).
  During the last years the creative connections with 16 countries have been established.
  1993 - Italia Castelfidardo -World Cup.
  1994 - France Paris -International Contest
  1995 - Tunis - International Festival1996 - Cairo - International Festival
  The Academy teachers have participated in international congresses, conferences (in the countries of the CIS, in Great Britain, France, Slovenia, Austria, Belgium)
  The academy has 4 faculties and the institute of the national arts.
  1. Information and library faculty
   05.27.00 - Library science and bibliography
   35.14.00 - Applied informatics (social and humanitarian sphere)
   35.08.00 - Scientific discipline of documentation and documentary
   maintenance of management
  2. Artistic and pedagogical faculty
  3. Faculty of social and cultural work
  4. Theatre facultyThe Academy has two forms of education.
  Day form of education:
  Information and library faculty
  Artistic and pedagogical faculty
  Faculty of social and cultural work
  Theatre faculty
  The institute of national arts
  Correspondence form of education:
  Information and library faculty
  Faculty of social and cultural work
  Theatre faculty
  Address: 3 Orenburgsky trakt, Kazan, 420059

The Khizhitsky Bridge
The Khizhitsky Bridge
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