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  Carl Fuks

  Carl Fuks was born on September 6, 1776, in the city of Gerborn. Since
  1793 he studied at the local academy. In 1798 he received
  university degree of the doctor of medicine in Marburg. Since 1800 he worked in
  Saint-Petersburg as a practising doctor. In 1801 Fuks travelled over Russia
  with natural-historical, in particular botanical, purposes.
  In the autumn of 1805 he was appointed to the Kazan university an ordinary
  professor of natural history and botany, and already from the very beginning
  of the activity he paid amplified attention to statement of teaching of
  natural sciences and to establishment of the appropriate
  educational-auxiliary establishments of the university.
  K.Fuks put the firm beginning to establishment at the Kazan university of
  natural science and formation of young local school of naturalists. Except
  for natural and medical sciences, he was interested in local olden time,
  numismatics, ethnography, statistics and oriental studies; occupied
  outstanding position as a practising doctor and philanthropist.
  In 30s and 40s K.Fuks's house in which, with the participation of
  his wife Alexandra Andreyevna, the local writer and poetess, literary
  evenings were arranged, was the intellectual centre for all Kazan
  intelligency. K.Fuks's house all outstanding persons considered a duty to
  visit (M.M.Speransky, baron A.Gumboldt, baron Gakstgauzen, A.S.Pushkin,
  K.Fuks died on April 24, 1846, in Kazan, till the very death not leaving
  scientific occupation and extensive extremely popular in Kazan medical

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The Museum of Fine Arts
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