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  Lesgaft Peter Frantsevich

  The Russian teacher, anatomist and doctor; founder of scientific system of
  physical education and medical pedagogical control in physical training, one
  of founders of theoretical anatomy.
  He was born on September 21, 1837 in St. Petersburg. In 1861 he graduated
  from medical-surgical academy in St. Petersburg and remained there for
  scientific work. Since 1865 the doctor of medicine, since 1868 the professor
  managing the faculty of physiological anatomy at the Kazan university.
  In 1871 he was dismissed for statement against arbitrariness of part of
  professorate and authorities of the Kazan university. Having returned to St.
  Petersburg, he was engaged in scientific work. In 1872-1874 he supervised
  over a circle of the Russian women for the first time allowed to employment
  in the medical-surgical academy. In 1874-1886 he worked in the field of the
  organization of physical training and education in military schools. In 1893
  he organized Biological laboratory which in 1918 was transformed into
  Natural-science institute named after P.F.Lesgaft.
  In the basis of the theory of physical training of P.Lesgaft the principle
  of unity of physical and intellectual development of a person lays. Unity
  and integrity of all organs of an organism, communication of
  nervous-muscular activity and internal bodies with mental displays gave
  P.Lesgaft basis to consider system of the directed exercises as means not
  only of physical development, but also intellectual, moral and aesthetic
  education. Great value Lesgaft gave to outdoor games as to means of
  physical development and formation of character of a child. Considering laws
  of education of the child in family, formations of his temperament and
  character, Lesgaft gave the analysis of biological bases of heredity and
  development of children. Giving crucial importance to conditions of
  environment, he called for creation in family and school of favorable
  conditions for showing of all abilities of the child.

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The Museum of Fine Arts
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