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  Mintimer Shaimiev

  Shaimiev Mintimer Sharipovich
  The president of Tatarstan Republic, leader of political movement "All
  He was born on January 20, 1937 in the village of Anyakovo of Aktanyshsky
  district of Tatarstan
  In 1959 he graduated from the Kazan agricultural institute with the
  speciality of "engineer-mechanic". Within half-year Mintimer Sharipovich
  worked as an engineer, then as a main engineer of Muslyumovo technical
  repair station.
  Since 1962 - head of regional association "Agricultural machinery".
  Since 1967 - at party work.
  In 1969 he was appointed the minister of land improvement and water
  management of Tatarstan.
  In 1985 lost the struggle for the post of the first secretary of regional
  committee of the CPSU. In September of 1989 he became the first secretary of
  Tatar regional committee of the CPSU.
  He was several times elected the deputy of various levels, from regional.
  July 9, 1989 was elected the People's Deputy of the USSR.
  Since March, 1990 - People's Deputy of Tatarstan.
  June 12, 1991 Shaimiev was elected the first president of Tatarstan.
  Since March 13, 1994 till March, 2001 was the deputy of the Council of
  In 1994 he made small hadzh to Mecca in the structure of the governmental
  March 24, 1996 he was re-elected the president of Tatarstan.
  In 1999 he acted as the initiator of creation of political movement "All
  August 21, 1999 Shaimiev was elected a member of presidium of political
  council of the movement.
  In September, 1999 he headed the Security Council in the Republic.
  He has been awarded with the Lenin, October Revolution, Labour Red Banner,
  Friendship of Peoples awards.

The Khizhitsky Bridge
The Khizhitsky Bridge
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