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  The K. Tinchurin`s State Tatar Theatre of Drama and Comedy

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  1933 - The first performance of the kolkhoz branch of V.I. Kamal's Tatar State Academic Theater. The present K. Tinchurin's State Tatar Theatre of Drama and Comedy started working independently.
  1939 - The theater moved to Baltasy district center of the Tatar ASSR and was renamed in 'Baltasy State kolkhoz and sovkhoz theatre No.6'
  1944 - The theatre returns to Kazan and was renamed in 'Tatar State Republic Mobile Theatre'
  1979 - According to the Decree of the Council of the Ministers of the Tatar ASSR the theatre was renamed in 'Tatar State Theatre of Drama and Comedy'.
  1988 - According to the Decree of the Council of the Ministers of the Tatar ASSR the theatre was given the name of the great Tatar playwright, actor and director Karim Tinchurin. Since then the theatre is called 'The K. Tinchurin's State Tatar Theatre of Drama and Comedy'. In the same year the theatre changed its status of 'mobile theatre'. It became the second national stationary theatre in Kazan. After the G. Kamal's Academic Theatre had moved to the new building, the K. Tinchurin's Theatre obtained its own building. The new stage of creative life of the theatre began.
  The first performancewas staged on November 6, 1933 in the village Shali in Pestretsi district of Tatar ASSR. It was the play by Karim Tinchurin and Kavi Nadzhmi 'The Family of grandfather Bulat'.
  Famous in our days Risa Ishmuratov, Gali Iliasov and later Asgat Masitov were the leaders and directors of the theatre in the first years of its foundation. Some plays were staged by famous in our days directors Sh. Sarymsakov, H. Salimsianov, G. Uralsky.
  After the Great Patriotic War had been over, the company of the theatre was filled with the actors, who had returned from the War and those who had come from other companies, there were Faridun Yunusov, Maginur Sharipova, Muhammet Hamzin, Munira Shagidullina, Zakiya Tuisheva among them.
  The directors Gabdulla Yusupov, Suleyman Valeyev-Sulve and the manager Muhammed Hamsin became in charge of the leadership of the theatre. In 1956 Cashifa Tumasheva (the director having higher theatre education and considerable experience of theatre and pedagogical work in the Academic Theatre and in the Tatar theatre school) was appointed the director in chief.
  In post-war years the repertoire of the theatre was enriched with the productions of foreign, Russian and Tatar classic works.
  In 1950s the company was filled up with graduates of Kazan Theatre School, who constitute the actors senior generation today. Among them there were People's artists of the TASSR Lutsia Farsina, Sania Ismagilova, Gata Nurullin, Honoured artists of the TASSR Ferdinand Farsin, Karima Nurullina, Naslygul Latyipova.
  In 1963 the Honoured Worker of the Arts of the TASSR, the laureate of the TASSR Government G. Tukai's Prize Ravil Tumashev became the theatre director in chief.In the 1970s Rifkat Bikchentaev, the laureate of the TASSR Government G. Tukai's Prize, revealed his original brilliant gift of an actor and director. Together with the theatre the skill of the general artist of the theatre, the Honoured Worker of Arts Peter Balandin, grew.
  In the 1960-70s the new generation of the actors was being brought up on the drama art of the new generation of the playwrights - U. Aminov, Z. Shagimuratov, T. Minnulin, I. Yuzeev, A. Gilyazov. The pleiad of the distinguished actors grew playing in those performances. The year of 1988 became crucial in the history of the theatre. That was the year when the theatre was given the name of one of its founders, the great Tatar Actor , director and playwright Karim Tinchurin. Since then the new stage in the life of the theatre had started, the repertoire was being revised, the active search of new forms, styles and genres was being carried out.
  During the last 30 years the talented actors, such as Honoured artists of the Republic of Tatarstan Zufar Hakimov, Taslima Faizullina, Zuleikha Hakimzyanova, Ilgizar Hasanov, Gulchira Zakirova, Rosa Habibrakhmanova, contributed to the development of the theatre.
  The young talented actors - Ildus Hakimov, Jamilya Asfandiyarova, Irek Ahmethanov, Lilia Mahmutova, Shamil Farhetdinov, Renat Shamsetdinov and others - kept on the traditions of the senior generation of actors.
  The last 15 years the theater is under the leadership of the Honoured Worker of Culture of the Republik Tatarstan Abulmambetov Robert Sharifzianovich. Due to the personal initiation, purposefulness and capacity for work, Abulmambetov Robert Sharifzianovich contributed considerably to the development of the K. Tinchurin's theatre.
  In 1993 the Honoured Worker of Arts of the Republic of Tatarstan Zagidullin Rashid Mullagalievich became the K. Tinchurin theatre director in chief. The new director in chief practically completely renewed the repertoire of the theatre during the relatively short period. Today the plays by foreign authors as well as modern Tatar playwrights are performed on the stage of the K. Tinchurin's theatre with the great success. Some performances have become prizewinners of different festivals; they have been given different diplomas and awards. But the theatre doesn't stop on what has been already achieved. In 1993 for the first time the special actor's course in the Kazan State Academy of culture and arts was enrolled at the K.Tinchurin's theatre. The Honoured Worker of Arts Faizullina T.H. became the leader of the course. The growing theatre generation has already showed itself as the talented young replenishment of the theatre, having become one of the winners of the Students and Youth festival of the theatre schools 'Podium' in Moscow for the performance 'Bloody Wedding' by the play of F. G. Lorka.
  Having mixed with the main company, the young generation considerably enriched the creative potential of the company. Owing to it, in 1998-99 the theatre staged totally different, concerning genre, performances such as musical drama by K. Tinchurin on S. Saidashev's music 'Died away stars', operetta by T. Gizzat on D. Faizy's music 'Little shoes' and a buffoonery comedy based on J.-B. Moliere's play "Monsieur de Porceaugnac". The performance based on K. Tinchurin's play 'Died away stars' at the V Republic K. Tinchurin's theatre festival was awarded with three main prizes: 'For the best female role' (Sarvar) - the actress Z. Valeyeva, 'For the best male role' - the actor Sh. Farkhutdinov (Nadir-makhdum), 'For the best direction' - Z.Zagidullin. The same performance won the main prize among four nominations on the World Theatre Festival of Turkic nations 'Tuganlyk', which took place in Ufa from May 26 to July 2, 2000. The prize 'For the best man's role' was given to the actor Shamil Farhutdinov.
  In the new 67th season the theatre introduced another one grandiose premiere, based on the world famous German playwright B. Brecht's play 'Mother Courage and Her Children' (translated by Machmutova). The Brecht's play was staged in the Republic of Tatarstan for the first time. This staging confirmed the right of K.Tinchurin's theatre to be called the stationary theatre. The period of being mobile theatre was finished with the great success. That was recognized by the ordinary spectators as well as by the leading theatrical critics. According to the determination of the Cabinet of the Ministers of the Republic of Tatarstan the performance based on Brecht's play 'Mother Courage and Her Children' was shoot for Gosfilmofond of the Republic of Tatarstan (State Film Fund).
  For many years the theatre has been working for the people of countryside as well for those living in towns and cities. Due to its mobility and high creative potential the theatre is widely known in the Republic of Tatarstan as well as far beyond its boundaries - all around the territory of The CIS.


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