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  Karimova Dania

  Date of birth: (07/11/1946)
  Karimova Dania Yusufovna
  The deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation.
  D.Y.Karimova was born on November 7, 1946 in the city of Kazan in the
  family of a worker. She finished school with a gold medal, in the same year
  she entered the pediatric faculty of the Kazan medical institute. She worked
  in neurologic branch of children's hospital, from clinical internship she
  started research activity which continued on her becoming the assistant of
  the faculty of social hygiene and organization of public health services of
  the Kazan medical institute. Further - the post of the senior teacher of the
  faculty of social medicine, economy and management of public health services
  of the Kazan State Institute of doctors advanced training.
  In 1977 D.Y.Karimova became the candidate of medical sciences, in 1991 -
  the doctor of medical sciences, in 1992 - the professor.
  D.Y.Karimova - the author of more than 100 scientific works which world
  novelty is confirmed with copyright certificates on inventions. She is
  awarded with the rank "Inventor of the USSR".
  In 1995 D.Y.Karimova was elected the deputy of the State Duma of Federal
  Assembly of the Russian Federation from political movement "Our home -
  Russia" and now is the deputy chairman of the Committee of the State Duma on
  affairs of public associations and religious organizations; also she works
  in the Russian Medical Academy of aftergraduation education in the post of
  the professor of faculty of social hygiene and organization of public health
  services. Due to her deputy cares physicians of the country have received
  essentially new reference books at the level of world standards, a number of
  laws in protection of medical workers and public health services is
  Due to high professionalism, wide erudition, high political activity,
  contribution to training of domestic managerial personnel of public health
  services, humanity and mercy in December, 1998 the rank "Deserved Doctor of
  the Russian Federation" was given to her. She is awarded with the medal of
  "850-year anniversary of Moscow".

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