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  Tumashev Anas

  Anas Ibragimovich Tumashev is one of the leading masters of the Tatar theatre and decoration painting. Famous landscape painter, master of historical painting, teacher.
  A. Tumashev was born on February 25, 1924 in Chistopol in the Republic Tatarstan. Studied in the Kazan Art School (1938-1942). In the years of the Great Patriotic War he worked on the plant. In 1947-1953 he studied in the I.E. Repin's Leningrad Institute of painting, sculpture and architecture.
  Theatre performances of the G. Kamal's Tatar Academic theatre mounted by him were highly estimated. In 1953-1976 he worked as an art director in the G. Kamal's Tatar Academic theatre, in 1976 - as an artist in chief in the G.I. Kachalov's Big Drama Theatre.
  In his sketches and performances Tumashev tries to reveal the idea of a play, transmit the spirit of the age and its pathos. High culture of painting helps him doing it. The principal of three-dimensional mounting is characteristic for Tumashev's creativity. According to the general conception of the play he choose the appropriate measure of conventionality of the stage, considering creating harmony between the style of a playwright and the style of an artist to be his main task. For Tatar classical plays, especially in those created on the folklore base ('Takhir and Zukhra' by F. Burnash, 'Mirkai and Aisylu' by N.Isanbet), he uses brighter and more saturated colours, which origin from aesthetic world perception. In Tumashev's sketches there are always spirituality, painting and poetry, which are revealed in its full power, after the realization on the stage.
  In 1985 Tumashev left the theatre. He started to realize his gift of a painter, though he has never stopped painting landscape and sketches from nature.
  The best A. Tumashev's sketches has been displayed at all the zone exhibitions 'the Big Volga', all-Union jubilee exhibitions of the artists of the theatre, cinema, television, the republic exhibition 'Soviet Tataria' in former Leningrad, personal exhibitions in Moscow. His works are kept in many museums of the world: in Japan, Germany, Ulan-Ude, Moscow. Originality and power of his gift showed itself in historical paintings. These works are: 'Peter I in Bulgar', 'Bazaar in Great Bulgar', 'Kazan of the XX century'

The Blagoveshensky cathedral
The Blagoveshensky cathedral
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