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  Malikov Vasil

  The sculptor V. Malikov was born in the village Staroye Kurmashovo of Aktanysh district of the Republic of Tatarstan on October 19, 1924. In 1924 he finished a trade school in Kazan. In 1947 after the demobilization he returned to Kazan, studied at the Art school under the leadership of S.S. Akhun. In 1953-1959 he studied in the V.I. Mukhina's school of art and industry. Since 1959 he worked in Kazan.
  Considerable qualitative leap of development of Tatar easel and monumental sculpture, which took place in 1960s, to a great extent was connected with V.M. Malikov's creative activity.
  Already in the beginning of 1960s together with S. M. Bubenov and R. A. Kildebekov Malikov was one of the initiators and enthusiasts of the development of monumental decorations on the buildings walls, in the ensembles of newly erected buildings.
  Later, when the time of narrower creative specialization and differentiation of the work of monument sculptors had come, V.M. Malikov concentrated on the work in the field of monumental plastic figures and achieved considerable results in the portrait genre (portraits of M. Vakhitov, K. Yakub, M. Jalil) as well as in creating the monuments of symbolic and allegoric character. He found especially interesting and original solution for plastic image of the monument to the warriors fallen for Soviet power (in Gorky Park): this is a figure of deadly wounded warrior, with his last bit of strength risen from the ground and as if addressing to alive.
  V.M. Malikov was a sculptor of many-sided rich gift. He could be called without bias one of the leading monument sculptors of Tatarstan. At the same time he is an author of chamber lyric composition, easel sculpture portraits. In a sculpture he revealed the character of his contemporaries honestly and profoundly, and with the same ease and confidence he worked in the retrospective field, at the historical portraits of the people of the Revolution and the Great Patriotic War. There is some violence of the heroes, but at the same time the restrain temper in expression of their feelings. For the great services in the field of fine art V. Malikov was given the titles of People's artist of the Tatar ASSR , Honoured Artist of the RSFSR.
  V. Malikov died on October 31, 1992.

The Blagoveshensky cathedral
The Blagoveshensky cathedral
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