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  Busyghin Alexander

  Busyghin Alexander Victorovich is a professional artist. In 1977 he graduated from the Kazan Art school. A member of Artists Union of the RT since 1980. A participant of republic, all-Union exhibitions since 1978 ('Big Volga', 'Avant-gardes in Kazan', 'Nu', 'Russia-9' etc.) Awarded with the diploma of the Ministry of culture of the RT for the considerable contribution into development of fine art in the republic.
  The artist's works were exhibited with a success at foreign exhibitions in Germany (Hanover), Turkey (Mermeris), Holland (Gauda), Bulgaria. The greater part of Busyghin's paintings and graphic works are kept in private collections abroad (the USA, Germany, Holland, Turkey, Great Britain, Austria, Switzerland, Australia, France).
  The range of genres of Busyghin's works is quite wide: landscapes, still lives, avant-garde compositions and portraits.
  The artist himself calls his style, which he has been attached to for 20 years, spiritual realism. With his works A. Busyghin is trying to introduce the idea of absolute painting, where the form and colour are of primary importance. The items, depicted by the painter, seem deliberately distorted, landscapes are relative, just approximated to the accustomed, tangible form and colour. Special emphasis is placed on the colour, as the artist divides people into 'blue', 'pink', 'green' etc.

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