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  Shalyapin Fedor

  Fedor Ivanovich Shalyapin was born on February 13, 1873 in Pochinka uyezd in peasants family. Even on the next day of his birth parents christened the boy, because they were afraid that he might die in infancy. The family had hard times and had to move to the country. In spite of the fact that Ivan Yakovlevich and Evdokiya Mikhailovna Shalyapins were just peasants, they tried to teach their children. And hoped in cause of time to transfer them in the other estate.
  In 1882 a small boy, Fedya, moved to Kazan with his family and was given to the sixth city initial school, it was one of the best in the city. His favourite teacher was Nikolay Vasiliyevich Bashmakov a rather well known person in the city. He was utterly devoted to music, especially in singing and aspired to impart this love to pupils.
  Still studying in the High school Shalyapin was took on the town council. But he didn't like it; all his thoughts and dreams were about theatre where he worked as a supernumerary from time to time. And in 1889 Shalyapin started working in a theatre. In spring 1892 after many months wanderings over Russia and Caucasus with different actor's troupes Shalyapin returned to Kazan. A life of a vagrant actor was not easy.
  In Kazan with the help of his childhood friend he made his first concert.
  Shalyapin had a great success. From that moment Shalyapin's professional actor's career started He performed concerts in Kazan, Ufa, and other cities, then Shalyapin moves to St. Petersburg.
  Shalyapin was a brilliant singer and a drama actor at the same time. His voice was unique on flexibility, timbre, gorgeousness and beauty of sounding and let him express all shades of emotions.
  Not only his voice but also his recusant behaviour made him famous. Sometimes he did crazy things but his talent saved him, to put it more precisely he was forgiven a lot. In his residence in Novinsky Boulevard there always were a lot of visitors.
  During the First World War Shalyapin opened a hospital in his house and sang to soldiers there. In 1918 he organized a small studio there, later it was called 'Shalyapinskaya'.
  Such life did not satisfy Shalyapin, he got used to luxury and grace and went abroad where spent his last days.

Walls of The Old Kremlin
Walls of The Old Kremlin
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