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  Klyucharev Aleksander

  Klyucharev Alexander Sergeyevich - a tatar composer.
  A.Klyucharev was born in 1906 in Kazan. He graduated from The Kazan Musical school (1926) and The Moscow conservatory (1932). He is an author of large musical and scenic works of art (opera, ballet), symphonic, chamber music, and a lot of songs.
  First of all, keenness on musical folklore became a basis of A.Klyucharev's formation as a composer. When he worked in Ioshkar-Ola, he was a musical director of the theatre (1929), he aspired to get to know better Mari musical folklore. And when he moved to Ufa he showed great interest in the Bashkir national and musical creativity.
  In 1934-1937 he was a director of folklore study at The Bashkir Scientific and Research Institute. In these years he arranged Bashkir songs and dancing melodies for solo and choral performances and the more remarkable thing is that a composer creates his first well-known works on the Bashkir themes for a symphonic orchestra. It is a "Salavat" poem (1935) and the musical "Ural" picture (1936).
  The Klyucharev's moving to Kazan coincides with the rise of the Tatar musical art. Together with the musician V.I.Vinogradov and the poet - M.Sadri he collected, recorded and decoded the Tatar musical folklore.
  In 1945 he creates "The Tatar suite " (in 3 parts), which is based on original national songs.
  An opera genre also took place in the creativity of the composer, for example, an opera "Lodger" (1959-1961) which was performed on the basis of the same name musical drama of S.Saidashev and T.Gizzat.
  But we should admit that A.Klyucharev showed his worth in a genre of songs. He created a lot of wonderful songs and in most cases he sings of youth.

A Park near the Black Lake
A Park near the Black Lake
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