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  Leaves of Grass.

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  After the period of popularity the time of disorder came. The new producer organized the trip to Moscow and helped to work on one of the quite famous musical studios. However, all their pains went to dog. The album 'Old wave' didn't brought them fame and fortune. According to Listkov's testimony, musicians hadn't been ready to work in the studio at all. As a result the album turned to be completely raw. In addition, they had to part with their producer, who turned to be too much addicted to 'grass'. This unhappy concourse of circumstances affected the group - it broke up and its leader Listkov was left alone. His own master.
  However, the time proved that those who laughed at their failures were too quick to jump to the conclusion, because the rumours about the complete failure of the musical project were untimely. Grown wise with experience Vlad Listkov gathered new musicians in the group, the key-player Seva Sarandov came back. The new members of the group appeared in the group: the drummer Cyrill Dolganov (Krolik - rabbit) and bass-guitar player Artur Akshayev.1998The musicians were preparing the new program. Seva Sarandov left the group; actually he was dismissed for the constant absence from general rehearsals and impudently ignoring their performances.
  The bass-guitarist Artur Akshayev left the group. His place was taken by Vlad's old friend and companion Andrey Zakharov, who during the time of his absence obtained medical diploma and got married.
  The band actively participated in every possible concerts and session. The constant platform for their performances appeared: a small restaurant 'Jolly Roger', which became a favourite place of gathering of local experts on a jazz and a blues, and also a shelter for various bohemian persons. The Trio forces their new musical album release. In this sacred for each musician affair they received help from known in narrow circles of the Kazan bohemia Vladimir Anan'ev, who was at last entrusted the honourable mission to be the group's producer. In autumn the group managed to find the keys-player. This time it was Marat Nikolayev, who had the best recommendations. He justified their hopes, concerning music at ones, and was heartily accepted in the warm commonwealth of cheerful musicians on the rights of an adherent, an excellent drinking companion and a joker. In December their drudgery, connected with the recording and releasing the album, at last came to the end. The album, which became the first serious result of the creative work of the group, was released.


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The Khizhitsky Bridge
The Khizhitsky Bridge
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