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  `The House of Dolls`

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  The group 'The House of Dolls ' was formed in autumn 1997 inside the walls of the SPK 'Zarechiye' by five musicians: Dmitry Sychev (vocal, an acoustic guitar), Arseny Sychov (bass - guitar), Sergey Darenskih (percussions), Vladislav Alekseev(rhythm-guitar) and Edward Mindubaev (solo-guitar). Later in 1998 Irina Kromm (vocal, back-vocal) - the solo-singer of the famous in the republic folklore Ensemble 'Vaguda' joined the group.
  The debuts of group took place in the native SPK 'Zarechiye' at various accounting concerts, regional cultural actions and 'sabantuys'. In the same 1998, having noted a good level of musicians' skill and originality of musical style of group, administration of the SPK 'Zarechiye ' sent 'The House of Dolls ' to represent the Kirovsky district on the regional musical festival ' Young star ' (nowadays 'Constellation'). Having passed all selection rounds successfully and having gained the greatest amount of points, group reached the final and won the first place.
  In summer 1999 the group organized a small festival under the name ' Music of streets ' which some Kazan commands joined. Performances of 'The House of Dolls ' on this festival at once raised alive interest in public, and not only in youth, but also in people of the older generation. The teamwork of the group, originality of arrangements, an unusual for Kazan combination of extreme rock and folk, and also Irina's vocal and original Dima's lyrics distinguished the group among other Kazan bands. On the TV channel 'Efir' the youth program 'Pose' told about the new, unknown group, which managed to organize an open-air festival with their own forces only. Successful performances at this festival and at several subsequent concerts in a rather short term brought 'The House of Dolls ' popularity. At one of the concerts in the A. Gaidar's House of Culture where the presentation of the new youth newspaper took place, the appearance of the group on the stage was accompanied by unexpectedly stormy reaction of the public. The audience started begins to scan the name of the group and during all its performance actively joined in the refrains of songs.
  The performance at the first rock-festival 'Equinox', which took place in autumn 1999 can be considered as a kind of 'top hour' for the group ' House of Dolls '. The performance of group passes with tremendous success, and organizers of 'Equinox' recognized 'The House of Dolls ' to be the headliner of the festival. The success of the group at the festival ' Equinox - 99 ' attracted attention of mass media. Within several months one by one interviews with the participants of the group appeared on TV channels 'Efir' and 'ТРТ' in programs 'Pose', 'Auditorium', ' Wake up and sing ', " Style 7 ", on radio stations ' Nastroyeniye ' and 'Volga-radio', and also in newspapers 'Evening Kazan ', ' Youth of Tatarstan ' and other regional periodicals where authors articles called ' the House of Dolls ' the most popular and fashionable group of Kazan. The group received the invitation to participate in shootings of an anti-narcotic video which then for a long time was broadcasted on the TV channel 'CTC'. Simultaneously with it the group received more and more offers to participate in various sorts of concerts and city actions.


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