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  `The House of Dolls`

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  In the same year the group took part in the All-Russia youth action ' Tell the Yes! '. After the performance of ' The House of Dolls ' on the native land, during visit of the action to Kazan, the group was selected and invited to Moscow for participation in the All-Russia selection round in which 39 commands from all cities of Russia, where the action took place, participated. Having won this selection round, ' the House of Dolls ' among five best regional young rock groups of the country participated in final show of the action in the sport complex 'Olympiysky' together with groups ' Agatha Cristy ', 'Lyapis Trubetskoy ', 'Bravo' and others.
  The rumours about the young successful group spread beyond the boundaries of Kazan. One by one invitations to perform were coming from Nizhnekamsk, Ioshkar Ola, Zelenodolsk, Almetyevsk and other settlements of near and distant Tatarstan. In summer 2000 the group began to record the debut album ' The Fear of Emptiness ' at the studio of the sound recording 'Volga-production'. At that time Edward Mindubaev left the group because of a some sort of disagreements.
  Simultaneously with record of the album, two admirers of group Vasily Balakin and Denis Nikolaev created an official server of the group. Also at this time the video on a song 'Vanillin' was made under the management of Timur Sadykov on a broadcasting company 'Efir'.
  In autumn 2000 in the Chemists' House of culture 'The House of Dolls ' carried out an unprecedented for Kazan action - presentation of the three works of the group at once - the debut album 'Fear of Emptiness ', the official server of the group and a video, which was shown during a concert. The release of the album was covered by the local mass media. Songs from the album are taken on rotation by the radio stations ' Nastroyeniye ', 'Volga-radio', 'Passage', 'Bulgar-FM'. The video-clip was repeatedly broadcasted on the TV channels 'Efir' and 'ТРТ'. All 2001 was marked by the dense concert activity of the group. Besides numerous performances in Kazan, the group repeatedly left for performances in other cities of Tatarstan, participated in numerous rock-festivals (in many of them as a headliner), took part in the rock-festival of young groups in Petersburg, performs in 'Gorbushka' in Moscow.
  At the moment the group is busy with recording of the second album, actively participates in musical life of Kazan and regularly continues to leave on performances for other cities of Tatarstan.


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A Park near the Black Lake
A Park near the Black Lake
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