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  The capital of Tatarstan on historical-cultural value and safety of heritage concerns to class "A" (like Moscow and Saint-Petersburg). The Kazan Kremlin is included in the UNESCO list of monuments of "the World heritage". N.I.Lobachevsky, A.M.Butlerov, L.N.Tolstoy, S.T.Aksakov, G.R.Derzhavin, M.A.Balakirev, M.S.Shepkin, V.V.Khlebnikov, F.I.Shalyapin, N.I.Feshin, V.I.Kachalov, P.Lesgaft, A.Melnikov-Pechersky were born and educated in Kazan and later worked here.
  The city is the cradle of the Tatar culture. Kayum Nasyri, Shigabutdin Mardzhani, Gabdulla Tukay, Musa Dzhalil, Salikh Saidashev, Farid Yarullin worked here creating unforgettable masterpieces.
  Kazan is a multi-confession city. In the city there are the Catholic chapel, Judaism synagogue and other cult establishments, 20 mosques, Orthodox temples, Lutheran kirha. The orthodox theological seminary and the Russian Islamic university are open.
  High cultural traditions are kept by philarmonic society, 4 state orchestras, Ensemble of songs and dance of Tatarstan Republic, second-largest in Russia Bolshoy concert hall, opera, drama and doll theatres. In the city there are 7 higher and secondary educational institutions of culture and art, over 50 musical and art schools.
   The attention is paid to development of sports: available and new stadiums and pools are restored and under construction. The new shape has received the Palace of sports with artificial ice with two ice arenas.
   August, 30, 2005 in the life of the capital of Tatarstan there will be a significant event - Kazan will mark the 1000-anniversary.
  By 1000-year anniversary of city a number of major for Kazan programs and building projects will be finished: the Program of liquidation of shabby habitation, the Program of reconstruction of the Kazan Kremlin, construction of the first line of underground. To this date reorganization of housing and communal services of city should be finished.


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