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  Economy of Tatarstan

  Tatarstan - one of the most developed economically republics in the Russian Federation. It is located in the centre of the largest industrial area of the Russian Federation, in 800 kms to the east from Moscow. By virtue of historical, geographical, environment and other important factors the Tatarstan Republic has developed as the largest scientific, educational and industrial centre which has been recognized not only in Russia, but also all over the world.
   Character and tendencies of development of economic activity in Tatarstan Republic are influenced by such factors, as presence of rich natural resources, powerful industrial base, presence of highly skilled scientific and technical potential, rather low internal costs, advanced network of communications, stable political situation, favourable geographical position. Our republic is connected with various regions of Russia, near and distant foreign countries by the advanced transport network. All this, undoubtedly, promotes steady economic situation in Tatarstan Republic.
   Tatarstan has advanced fuel and energy complex, mechanical engineering, chemical industry. The commodity market has a wide range, production of republican enterprises is sold more than in 100 countries of the world. The basic products for export - crude petroleum, mineral oil, lorries, products of organic synthesis, washers and cleaners, devices and equipment, automobile tyres and some other kinds of production. At the same time it is not made (or it is made in insignificant volumes) a lot of the important kinds of industrial output, requirement in which is satisfied due to import to the republic and areas of Russia, near and distant foreign countries.
   Tatarstan is also a region of high-intensity agricultural production in which 4,5 million hectars of the land are used that makes 67% of all the territory of the republic. The agriculture of republic satisfies requirements of the population for the basic food stuffs. Leading branches of agriculture are plants growing and cattle breeding. The republic on productivity of grain crops is on the second place after Krasnodar territory, and on the total gathering of grain, manufacture of meat and milk enters into the first three among the regions of the Russian Federation.
   According to rating estimation of service of Privolzhsky federal district, Tatarstan in 2001 won the first place in the district at the level of social and economic development. In the opinion of magazine "Expert", in the republic parameter of investment risk is minimal among seven regions of the Volga region.
   Tatarstan occupies leading position in the Russian Federation on construction of schools, medical establishments and other objects of social sphere in villages.
   Prominent feature of the modern economic situation in Tatarstan is the growth of industrial outputs. It is possible to consider as the main result of 2002 the growth of total regional product of Tatarstan on 5,6% in comparison with the level of 2001 that made 255,8 billion roubles at tentative estimation. In this structure the share of the industry decreased from 50% to 46%, the share of agriculture increased from 7% up to 10%.
  Imports: clothes, food, raw material for light and chemical industry, telephone and medical equipment($187 million outside CIS & Russian Federation)
  Exports: oil, synthetic rubber, styrene, polyethylene, chemicals,
  tires, helicopters watches, optical, trucks and Instruments ($761 million outside CIS/R.F)
  Major Partners (Outside Russian Federation) - US 25%, Germany 13.2%, Turkey
  Tatarstan is a unique in Russian Federation republic which is included in "Unitar" - the Centre on heavy oils and bitumen sandstones at the United Nations.

Aleksandrovsky Passage
Aleksandrovsky Passage
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