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  The Kazan State University

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  Kazan State University was established in 1804 and for a lot of years remained Russia's easternmost higher education establishment. Kazan University scholars have made a great contribution in the development of natural sciences as well as humanities. The names of the outstanding Tatar scholars of the past who represented its schools of geography and ethnography include Kh.Fayezkhanov, I.Khalfin and K.Nasyri. Researchers who brought fame to Kazan University in the post-Second World War years were E.Zavoisky (physics), A.Arbuzov and G.Kamai (chemistry), N.Chetaev (engineering) and N.Chebotarev (mathematics). Among the notable figures who studied at Kazan University were writers Leo Tolstoy, S.Aksakov and A.Melnikov-Pechersky, composer Balakirev, and politician V.Lenin. Today the University is continuing its important work in education and research.
  The oldest building of the University, with three classical portals along its white facade, was built in 1822 and included the old building of the First Boys' Gymnasium and the private residence of Prince Tenichev given to the University at the time of its foundation. Between 1832 and 1841, under the supervision of the architect M.Korinfsky, the rest of the buildings of the university campus were constructed. The new buildings, which included the Anatomy Theatre, the Library, the Chemistry and Physics Laboratories and the Observatory, completed the University complex and gave it its neo-classical look. The building of the Chemistry Faculty was constructed in 1954 by the students themselves.
  Kazan University Library has one of the world's most important bibliographical collectons, containing 15000 manuscripts and more than 3000 rare books. It was set up in 1809 and originally consisted of the collection of books of Count G.Potemkin brought to Kazan in 1799 and the large collections of some of the earliest bibliophiles, V.Polyansky and N.Bulich. To these were later added the unique collections of old books and manuscripts of the Solovetsky Monastery. The most valuable books and manuscripts are kept in the special depository of the Library. These include Arabic manuscripts of philosophers and scholars Kholladzha ibn Mansur and Avicenna (11-th century) and Ashshakhrestani (12-th century), a manuscript copy of the Pentateuch, the first Russian printed book "The Apostle" (1564), the "Books of Kingdoms" by Francisco Skorin (1518) and the "Code of Tsar Alexis Mikhailovich" (1649). The Library also has a rare collection of 18-th-century books, and first editions of works by Pushkin, Griboyedov, Gogol, Nasyri and Tukay.


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