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  It is impossible to imagine Tatarstan and its capital Kazan without the joyful holiday Sabantuy. The holiday history started in ancient times. The literal translation of the word means "the Holiday of Plough". It is celebrated after spring fieldwork completion when ploughmen have a little break before haymaking and harvest season. At first, villages enjoy the holiday, and then regional centers celebrate it. Finally, Kazan holds the biggest holiday celebration.
  The holiday program is very extensive and diverse, as it has incorporated traditional elements of ancient celebrations and new international elements like various games and contests, horserace, and national wrestling. Sabantuy brings excitement to the souls of all people. People of all ages may be seen on the holiday celebration. Young brides' gift - the embroidered towel tied to a high pole - attracts public like a magnet. On the picture you can see a winner of some competition. He was awarded with a sheep.
  Everyone wants to see Tatar national wrestling. Specially invited respected people - aksakals - sit at the table right next to the wrestling area. They have the right to express their opinions concerning the questionable moments of fights. Everyone who wants to check his strength can come and take part in the competition. Like bogatyrs from fairy tales, young and adult men come to compete. The participants cast lots to make up pairs of opponents. So the tournament starts. The winner is given the rank of batyr and is awarded with the holiday biggest prize - a ram and embroidered towels. Then, he makes a circle around the wrestling area. Subantuy continues.
  A second place of interest is horserace. Horses of all colors gallop as fast as possible to help their riders win the races. After the races, the winners bring their racer-batyrs to the center of the arena. They receive congratulations and gifts from all sides. Proud winners ride some circles around the arena and then take their horses to the meadow, where the horses can rest. As for the riders, they continue to receive honors, as they are winners today! The holiday goes on!
  The influence of Sabantuy spirit and mood is so big that memories of the holiday live in people's minds for many years. Its melody sounds like a symphony in our hearts. Year by year, the holiday organization becomes more and more professional. Celebration of Sabantuy-02 is a vivid illustration of this fact. Professional actors' participation is a part of the holiday celebration. Though it is not all, our beloved Sabantuy has received all public recognition in our republic, having become a loud and bright state-level celebration while remaining a beautiful and kind national holiday, which is always awaited.

The Blagoveshensky cathedral
The Blagoveshensky cathedral
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