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Two parks to be restored in Kazan by day of city
Two parks to be restored in Kazan by day of city
Inhabitant of Tatarstan won by judgment 150 thousand ruble for detention by militia
The Supreme Court Of Tatarstan more than two times increased the sum of compensation for moral harm to the unsuccessful suicide from Leninogorsk.
Island Pyrochemical Industries proposes to create in Kazan joint enterprise on base of JSC "TASMA- holding" 07/18/2006
sland Pyrochemical Industries proposes to create in Kazan joint enterprise...
Cooks and sportsmen to meet at one stage
The Championship of Russia on barbecue on FORESTER cup will take place on July 22 in Kazan exhibition center "VIKO'. This is the contest of the best restaurants of the country...
Floods in Tatarstan 04/17/2006
4 people died, 16 people were rescued during the first half of April in Tatarstana reservoirs...
Everybody love carting 04/12/2006
The first in Kazan sheltered carting centre will start its work tomorrow on the base of Republic Traffic Control Inspection. In the morning children will learn automobile craftsmanship...
Course of Moslem brides 04/10/2006
A series of lectures 'Woman in Islam'' for young Moslem girls will be delivered in Kazan higher Moslem madrasah 'Mukhammadia':
Universities of Kazan must unit 04/04/2006
National university on the base of the city higher education establishments, figured on 60 thousand students is probable to be created in Kazan...
Unique borehole derilled in Tatarstan 04/03/2006
Drilling masters of "Tatneft' drills unique horizontal borehole with outcrop on Ashalchinsky bitumen layer
Prize to constitute 1 million
The open city competition 'Our Songs' starts Today in Kazan. It is organized by the Kazan department of Youth democratic anti-fascist movement 'Nashi' together with the producer center 'Authors cooperation'...
Tickets for Space on sale 03/28/2006
Tickets for the concert of legendary group SPACE and its permanent leader Didier Marouani are on sale since today in Kazan...
Vacancy fair to open 12/03/2005
Vacancy fair is to open on December 6, 2005...
Ak Bars Wins!!! 12/03/2005
Yesterday Kazan "Ak Bars" hockey team played with "Sibir" from Novosibirsk...
Educational theatre to open in Kazan 11/30/2005
The project of a republican educational musical theatre for youth has been created. As the youth festival it has no analogs in Russia yet...

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A Park near the Black Lake
A Park near the Black Lake
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