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Tsimlyansk wins in Moscow 09/07/2005
Sorrel stallion Tsimlyansk owned by the head of the administration of Nurlat district of Tatarstan won one of the most significant prizes in the Central Race track of Moscow...
Gasoline price goes up again 09/07/2005
Car fuel prices went up again in Tatarstan...
Kazan fair invites 09/06/2005
One of the leading exhibition centres of Russia will be the place of meeting for the professionals of oil and gas extraction, machinery manufacturers and specialists in the protection of labour for the 12 time...
`Gold Minbar` to start today 09/05/2005
During next week Kazan will see about 30 documentaries and cartoons of Russian and foreign production. All of them will be devoted to Islam
Live Tatar Music festival 09/03/2005
Live Tatar Music festival was in Helsinki, Finland last year in May. The purpose is to get people from all over the world to know Tatar music.
Masterpieces from private collections to be exhibited 09/02/2005
Today a new unusual exhibition will be opened in the restorated building of the National Museum of Tatarstan Republic...
`Millenium in the sky` was amazing. 08/31/2005
It was just perfect! Rows of "Strizhi" (Swifts) and "Russian Knights" planes were flying high above making incredible aerial stunts...
Kazan airport to change schedule on August 26th 08/19/2005
On August 26th the airport will be closed - high guests from other countries will be arriving.
Monument to Bekhterev 08/20/2005
On August 24th the monument to V.Bekhterev will be opened in the Volkov's public garden. This event is made in the honour of one of the Kazan Neurological school founders...
Half of Shuttle Buses Will Be Taken Away From Kazan Roads 08/07/2005
On the even of 1000-year celebration the attention to shuttle buses is increasing rapidly. Every day a special group goes out on the roads and checks the work of this kind of transport - still most popular in Kazan, as well as in any other Russian city.
Soon Thousand Years. What Do We See? 08/03/2005
'Only one month is left before this great holiday. Of course we can't finish all works in time, but most of them have been done. The most complex object is subway. We have accepted in exploitation 4 stations, 5th is coming. The second by significance object is race track.
Additional Trains To The South 08/01/2005
As of today the Gorky Railways - the branch of 'Russian Railways' PLC - added some more trains from Kazan to the south direction.
Only 5 Liters For A Car? Can`t Be So! 08/02/2005
Some drivers had been waiting for august 1 hardly breathing. There had been rumors that the gas would be given only in the amount of 5 liters to every driver since the beginning of the month...
New Building For Management Of Federal Security Service To Be Built In Kazan 08/02/2005
A new building for FSS (former KGB) is to be built in Kazan after the fire last week, says the chief of the city's administration Kamil Iskhakov. For the initial works FSS of Russian Federation already gave 3 millions rubles.

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A Park near the Black Lake
A Park near the Black Lake
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