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Kovalevsky Nikolay Osipovich
N.Kovalevsky was born on May 8, 1840 in Kazan. After graduation of the medical faculty of the Kazan university in 1862 he worked in Vienna. Then till the end of his life, Nikolay Osipovich occupied the faculty of physiology at the Kazan university. Since 1878 the dean of the medical faculty, and in 1880-1882 the rector of this university.
Lesgaft Peter Frantsevich
The Russian teacher, anatomist and doctor; founder of scientific system of physical education and medical pedagogical control in physical training, one of founders of theoretical anatomy.
The scientific direction developed by professor R.A.Abzalov, concerns the problem of regulation of pump function of heart of a developing organism in conditions of various impellent modes. In the Kazan state pedagogical institute, the faculty of physical training, the physiological laboratories are equipped at the modern world level that allows to study pump function of heart by means of modern methods both in experiments on animals and young sportsmen.
The scientist-innovator, outstanding clinical physician, surgeon, founder of original scientific school. From 49 years of medical and scientific activity of A.V.Vishnevsky 35 years are given to Kazan. In Kazan he was formed as a doctor and scientist, teacher and public figure, here he made the main discoveries which brought to him world popularity.
Carl Fuks
Carl Fuks was born on September 6, 1776, in the city of Gerborn. Since 1793 he studied at the local academy. In 1798 he received university degree of the doctor of medicine in Marburg. Since 1800 he worked in Saint-Petersburg as a practising doctor. In 1801 Fuks travelled over Russia with natural-historical, in particular botanical, purposes.
Bekhterev Vladimir Mikhailovich
Bekhterev Vladimir Mikhailovich was born on January, 20, 1857 in Vyatka province, village Sorali. He received medical education in the St.-Petersburg medical-surgical academy and devoted himself to studying of emotional and nervous illnesses under the direction of professor I.P.Merzheevsky.

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Aleksandrovsky Passage
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