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Prize to constitute 1 million
The open city competition 'Our Songs' starts Today in Kazan. It is organized by the Kazan department of Youth democratic anti-fascist movement 'Nashi' together with the producer center 'Authors cooperation'...
Soon Mother Day 11/21/2005
Arrangements devoted to Mother Day which is traditionally celebrated on last Sunday of November have started in Tatarstan...
Soon Thousand Years. What Do We See? 08/03/2005
'Only one month is left before this great holiday. Of course we can't finish all works in time, but most of them have been done. The most complex object is subway. We have accepted in exploitation 4 stations, 5th is coming. The second by significance object is race track.
Thomas Czijek to leave Rubin 11/21/2005
As the official site of "Moskva" football club informs the half-back of Kazan team Thomas Czijek concluded 3-year contract...
Tickets for Space on sale 03/28/2006
Tickets for the concert of legendary group SPACE and its permanent leader Didier Marouani are on sale since today in Kazan...
Tsimlyansk wins in Moscow 09/07/2005
Sorrel stallion Tsimlyansk owned by the head of the administration of Nurlat district of Tatarstan won one of the most significant prizes in the Central Race track of Moscow...
Turetsky chorus to come to Kazan 10/25/2005
Big screens showing slides will take spectators to wonderful places: Saint-Petersburg of 19th century, "Moulen Rouge" in Paris, variety show in Vienna, beautiful Venice and many other places...
Two parks to be restored in Kazan by day of city
Two parks to be restored in Kazan by day of city
Unique borehole derilled in Tatarstan 04/03/2006
Drilling masters of "Tatneft' drills unique horizontal borehole with outcrop on Ashalchinsky bitumen layer
Universities of Kazan must unit 04/04/2006
National university on the base of the city higher education establishments, figured on 60 thousand students is probable to be created in Kazan...
Vacancy fair to open 12/03/2005
Vacancy fair is to open on December 6, 2005...
Warning to drivers! 11/21/2005
The gasoline from "Holding-Line" gasoline station 4th time fails all tests...
`Gold Minbar` to start today 09/05/2005
During next week Kazan will see about 30 documentaries and cartoons of Russian and foreign production. All of them will be devoted to Islam
`Millenium in the sky` was amazing. 08/31/2005
It was just perfect! Rows of "Strizhi" (Swifts) and "Russian Knights" planes were flying high above making incredible aerial stunts...

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Flood in Kazan
Flood in Kazan
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