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Abzgildin Abrek
Abzgildin Abrek Amirovich - People's artist of the Republic of Tatarstan. Laureate of G. Tukai's Government Prize. The chair-man of Artists' Union of Tatarstan. A member of Artists' Union of the USSR.
Almeyev Nadir
Almeyev Nadir is a passionate, rebellious, difficult artist.
Arkhiyereyev Gennady
Arkhiyereyev Gennady studied painting and drawing in the N. Indyukhov's and I. Zaripov studios.
Baki Urmanche
In the history of the Tatar fine art it is difficult to find the master of more many-sided art culture, than Baki Idrisovich Urmanche.
Busyghin Alexander
A professional artist. A participant of republic, all-Union exhibitions since 1978 ('Big Volga', 'Avant-gardes in Kazan', 'Nu', 'Russia-9' etc.)
Cherkasova Olga
Since 1992 Olga Cherkasova has worked in the genre of leather plastic arts, her works have been exhibited since 1996.
ELGA(Lyubov Gritsenko)
Lyubov Gritsenko (ELGA) obtained the degree on design in the V. Mukhina's institute in Leningrad.
Faizrakhmanova Guzel
Faizrakhmanova Guzel finished the Kazan Art school (the department of theatre scenery)
Faizullin Ilias
Faizullin Ilias attended classes on drawing at the I.E. Repin's institute of painting, sculpture and architecture (St.Petersburg).
Feshin Nikolai
Nikolai Feshin was born on December 8, 1881 in Kazan. He graduated from the St. Petersburg Academy of Art, and then emigrated to the USA, having settled first in New York.
Gerasimenko Alexander
In 1999 the first personal exhibition of Alexander Gerasimenko took place at the Council of people's deputies of the RT.
Gilazov Rashid
Gilazov Rashid is a painter, but he is also engaged with monumental-decorative art: mural painting, stained-glass windows, mosaics in the Houses of Culture of Tatarstan, decoration mosque interiors.
Ivan Shishkin
Ivan Ivanovich Shishkin was born in a provincial city of Yelabuga. His father, a merchant of modest income, trying to impart the interest for history to his son, took him to the archeological dig of Bulgarian realm on the Volga, where Ivan Vasiliyevich helped the Moscow professor K.I. Novostruyev.
Kaliyurand (Mullinova Lilia)
Graphic artist and master of arts and crafts. The author of engravings, etchings, posters, book illustrations, tapestries.
Kanev Eugeny
Kanev Eugeny Porfiriyevich graduated from theatre department of the Kazan Art School, worked in the theatre, advertisement.

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